Tax them, tax them until they sqeak and then tax them some more.

16 May

You’ll know who the RAC are I’m sure. They are an organisation that helps keep people on the roads when they’ve broken down. They do a lot more stuff these days but they still maintain the breakdown service. In years gone by people got a shiny chrome RAC badge, which they stuck, on their cars grill. RAC mechanics would apparently salute if they saw a car with a badge, as did the AA.

Since the RAC help drivers you would expect that they would have drivers interest at heart given that they need to make a lot of money from drivers to keep their business growing. Perhaps this is no longer the case and perhaps it’s been quite a while since it was.

Yesterday a report was discussed which was prepared by the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the RAC Foundation. The fuel duty and vehicle excise, which will be lost to the treasury over the next 15 years, will eventually reach  £13 billion a year. This is due to people buying cars, which use much less fuel and because the road tax rates have been altered to encourage people to drive more fuel-efficient cars. The outcome is that fuel duty will have to increase by 50% and road tax also adjusted upwards. The report suggests that perhaps road tolls and charging per mile travelled might be of some use.

I’m assuming that the people involved in this live on another planet, have no friends or any contact with Earth and take copious amount of impressively mind altering drugs. How could they possibly come up with these predictions and outcomes?

In the first instance the fuel duty is completely ridiculous, bringing in £65 billion a year, yes you read the right! It is a significant driver (oh dear terrible pun – groan) for inflation since most goods have a delivery by vehicle cost content. The road tax has been a joke for years. It was supposed to be for developing and maintaining the road network. Of course politicians just couldn’t keep their hands off it and now it brings in a huge amount with only a small amount actually spent on roads.

The reduction in fuel use is down to the government themselves and the ridiculous green policies they have enacted not to mention austerity and banks going pop! It’s not just petrol and diesel either it’s water, electricity, gas etc. etc. which they have encouraged people to use less off to save the planet and to save money and then they raise the prices through taxation. Regardless of anything else.

Why is it that the government needs all this money anyway? No business could afford to carry on this way unless they had a pretty watertight monopoly and whilst the government thinks it has that may not be the case. The Government should be spending the money it is given by taxpayers and no more. If they get less then they spend less.

Isn’t it just like the government to enact one thing, which then seriously impinges on another? The fact that they have been doing all this green nonsense when there is no proof it is actually needed in the first place. Well done them.

The RAC? They should be fighting this tooth and nail not being part of the team which is trying to make motorists lives even more difficult.

The Government think we are idiots who will take no end of abuse without as much as a whimper. Unfortunately they are probably right on that. It’s our own fault.

What will it take for people to decide enough is enough?


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