Alex Salmond does love his windmills

17 May

First Minister Alex Salmond is still going on about windmills (shake head and sigh!)

Alex is now talking about laying cables under the North Sea so energy created by windmills in Scotland can be used to pump water back up into dams in Norway, which then flows out again creating hydropower when there is a need.

This is a way of storing energy rather than trying to stick it in some huge battery, which doesn’t exist or is not currently technically possible. It seems fair enough, its windy in Scotland so the windmills whizz round and produce electricity, which isn’t needed because it’s warm or not dark. It will still be the case that there will be strong winds at times when people want no power and the dams are full, not to mention the times the windmills cant operate because it too windy..

But wait there’s more. Iceland has a huge amount of thermal power to exploit and a cable may also be laid between Iceland, Shetland, Orkney and Scotland. We’ll have so much cheap energy available it won’t be worth metering, exactly as they said nuclear power would be, not. This is in part because our new Scandic mates the are keen to work with us, because we are just like them and a bit of greenness never goes amiss even if it costs three arms and a few legs.

It’s all slated to happen by 2020 although the cost will be fairly steep to say the least. We have hydropower in Scotland already and no doubt we could develop more if planning permission was possible and the Greens weren’t complaining because the environment for the Lesser Three Toed Newt would be trashed. (Funny how windmills shred birds but that’s okay).

Alex, Alex, Alex. Come over here and have a wee seat for a moment. Now say after me, Scotland is an oil producing country with vast reserves thought to be in the 250 BILLION barrel range and we also have large reserve of shale gas, which will last for a great many years.

Now just stop for a minute Alex, and put the wind and wave power thing into perspective. The claims that have been made for Scottish wind and wave resources have been over-hyped. You know this. The cost in terms of windmills damaging the environment and adding levies to energy bills is ludicrous. Also remember that the UKs contribution to CO2 output is less than 2% of world output so that means that 0.2% of the CO2 output is down to Scotland. Is the effort in Scotland to reduce CO2 worth it? No, of course not

So what does that say to you Alex. By the way you don’t mind me calling you Alex do you Alex? What it means Alex is that the contribution is so small it’s laughable but also bear in mind that there has been no global warming or climate change, which is outwith recognisable trends. There is no connection between CO2 and increased temperatures. There is not a single shred of evidence, based on experimentation in the actual atmosphere rather than in a lab, that the greenhouse effect theory is correct.

The computer models can’t reproduce historical climate variability never mind what is going to happen more than three days away sort of ish. The IPCC Reports are not scientific they are political and being a politician you will know what that means, Alex.

Yes, I know you are convinced by your own thoughts on this matter and the consensus of scientists, which wasn’t a consensus and science never really moves forward based on consensus anyway. There comes a time though when a great leader takes a good hard look at themselves and decides that they have been wrong and then change policies quickly and quietly, this is part of them being “great” leaders.

So Alex, what do you say? Do you want to be up there with radical world leaders who follow what’s right for their country or that other type of leader like the one in London? If you make a stand now Alex you could join the increasingly vociferous group of leaders who are running away from climate change and ditching all the legislation and reducing energy costs to their populations by ditching windmills etc. Canada, good example, Australia in a years time, the USA yes even the USA ,despite Obama and the EPA to name but a few.

By all means maintain a bit of research and development on wind and wave power but not by using subsidies from the rest of us who have more than enough on our plate at the moment.

If you are so enthralled by Norway and Iceland, and they both have a lot to offer, then you might like to follow their example in two specific areas at least. Get out of the EU as soon as it is possible and cancel all mortgage debt. Can you imagine the votes you’d get if you did that? Go on give it a go, you know you want to!

Just in case there is some doubt about green issues I’ve added an article about Germanys power issues and a link to a report from the USA about how they’ve managed to escape most of the green nonsense.

USA link – here

Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party), the prime minister of the state of Baden Wuerttemberg, is urging Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to encourage the construction of new gas-fired power plants. Especially in southern Germany energy security is at risk, according to Kretschmann.

I am firmly convinced that the market in its current form is not suitable to meet the challenges of the energy revolution,” he wrote in a letter to the Chancellor seen by the Financial Times Deutschland. It lacked both the incentives for building new power plants and for the maintenance of existing ones.

Especially in southern Germany energy security is at risk, according to Kretschmann. Germany is heavily dependent on flexible gas power plants to compensate for intermittent green energy. At the same time, however, the green energy boom is having a fatal side effect: Because the production of wind and solar power have been given priority in the electricity market, the building of gas-fired power plants is no longer profitable. Often, it does not even pay to maintain existing power plants. Analysts at Goldman Sachs are already warning of a large-scale demise of power plants in 2013. Grid operators, on the other hand, fear nothing more than the loss of additional power plants in southern Germany, which is particularly affected by the nuclear phase-out”.


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