Welcome to the Hollande Show

18 May

The Lefties do same really daft things, which are based on some really daft ideas. Their greenness is automatic (but not for the people) which, when mixed with their leftiness creates moments of high comedy. Step forward the new French President Francois Hollande; shouldn’t he be the Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

He gets voted in on the basis that he will greatly reduce the austerity measures being required because of the great Bank swindle and the trials and tribulations of the Euro Zone. He tells Angela from Germany that he will do it and he wants to promote growth, fair enough although Ang isn’t going to go along with that unless she’s pretending to like she is for most of the Euro issues. So he’s voted in and the French people will expect him to do as he has said he will. Of course that seems pretty unlikely given politicians have moved away from the delivery part of promises and manifesto pledges.

Pretty quickly he breaks a protocol by turning his back on Sarky. Sounds like small beer but some people like their small beer. Did he do it deliberately? Was it part of his leftie stance on disliking all the pomp and ceremony and the like? No, the best is yet to come.

Next up he has decided that a Citreon C5, and not just any Citreon C5 it’s the hybrid diesel version and it’s a convertible, will be his car for his augeration day. And then it’s time to do it. He gets in and stands up in the middle of a downpour. He has to stand there in this wee car whilst surrounded by more than twenty motorcycle outriders.

I’m certain he is making a major political statement at this point. He’s saying I’m not one for flash cars, I’m a man of the people, my tastes and needs are modest, the trappings of the state are silly and not for one such as I who will change the course of the EU and of history its self. There maybe some truths in this. Politicians hidden behind huge security driven around in disguised tanks with the mere voters kept well at bay has become completely out of hand these days.

So lets applaud him for that?

Not so fast.

Once he’s reached his destination and stood in the gents and used a hot air dryer to dry himself at least to a slightly less damp point, it’s time to leave to go and meet Angela. Fanfare, oh wait no cancel that that’s far too ostentatious.

He gets in a private jet and is whisked off into the sky for a German Rendezvous. Oh dear. Is that ostentatious? Is it being humble? Is it green? Is it flash?

So really that sums up the leftie greens. Demonstrating their disdain for the trappings of wealth and position up the point when they need to partake of the trappings of wealth and position.

What will he do next?

It’s bound to be fun as long as you are looking on rather than being directly involved.


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