Another day and another wizard wheeze from the government.

22 May

On this mornings news slot on BBC Radio 2 there was a lovely wee article about the government’s strategy on encouraging nuclear power plant building. I say strategy but I’m no entirely sure that’s what it will be. Panic is what is driving it of course and this is amply demonstrated by the thrust of their plea.

Basically they want to “encourage” energy suppliers to build nuclear power stations and to help them to do so they will be offered guaranteed profits over the lifetime of the station. This is because the EU do not allow subsidies on the building of nuclear power stations so the government has come up with a slight of hand which has the same end result.

Roger Harrabin was on hand to give more details. Consumer power bills would go up by £200 a year to cover the costs and of course the building of these nuclear power stations would work in conjunction with offshore windmills, making sure our CO2 emissions are as low as possible. You could not make it up.

The government has failed miserably to grasp the nettle here. Firstly, there is of course no reason at all to chase any stupid and ridiculous CO2 reducing requirements so the Climate Change Bill should be scrapped as of now, this minute, no delay just do it.

Secondly, remove all subsidies for energy generated by sun, wind or wave power. Ouch! That’s what all the people involved in this sort of energy generation would say. Whooppeee everyone else would say. Energy bills would drop by £200 – £300 a year. Smiles all round on that. If people want to generate power using sun, wind or waves, carry on and if they manage to get the price down to acceptable and competitive levels we would all be interested to hear about it.

Thirdly, the operating requirements for nuclear or for any other form of energy generation should be the same; no subsidies. We live in a capitalist economy, which should ensure competition and should not be subject to political dogma from the government leading to a distortion of the open market. If the energy suppliers require further funding they should do as they used to previously, ask their shareholders, the stock market or their banks for the funding they require.

Fourthly, the existing coal fired power stations should be evaluated for emissions, which pollute and if they find any they should be addressed in order for the station to continue to operate. There is no real need to close power stations as long as the owners wish to do so whilst staying within the pollution limits already in place. This does not include CO2, which is not a pollutant, and if it were we would all have to stop breathing. Bear in mind that the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are around 390 parts per million which represents no threat what so ever to anyone far less the planet. When we breath CO2 out we do so at a rate of 16,000 parts per million.

Previous governments failing to plan adequately to meet energy demands from businesses and individuals further complicate the situation. This has now became a serious issue with the growing likelihood that power cuts will once again become part of life in the UK. Shame on them all.

Fifthly, governments are in place to serve and protect. The continual increase in tax takes, in all its forms, serves only the government; it does not serve the people. The fallacy, of the present “cuts” are set against a backdrop which has the government continuing to borrow ever more hundreds of billions of pounds. Where is “prudence” then?

It is worrying to consider where this is all going to lead. The continual pressure on household budgets is not going to go away, job creation is not growing fast enough and the economy in general is stagnating mainly due to the EU and the Euro Zone inability to handle the debts accumulated by all of the members states.

Can Dave lead us out of this? Absolutely not. He has other priorities. None of which will make life any easier for the majority of people living in the UK.

Who then?

Who indeed.


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