BBC The Apprentice – Lording it in the Board room – Episode 10

25 May

I’m beginning to think that education in the UK has failed to teach people how to listen and how to recognise the important part of the message from the dross. Anyway…

Another early start sees the candidates meet Lord Sugar in the City of London. The teams have to make deals to sell products and services from a website similar to Group On. Stephen is in the hot seat as Team Leader and Jade also volunteers as Team Leader. No juggling of people though just stick as they are.

They all meet with the guy who owns the website who stresses that he caters for the higher end of the market so the deals that the teams agree will be vetted by him before they go live on-line. The amount of money, which each deal makes for each team, will be counted and the winners will be the team with the highest sales from the website.

Stephen hits the ground running with a simple strategy to close as many multiple deals with as many businesses as possible. Jade, on the other hand, spends time with her team deciding which businesses they should target.

Stephens’s team have an immediate problem. Ricky has been asked to go to a Hotel outside London involving an hours travelling there and another hour back again. Ricky has a call first at a quality restaurant, which takes up a lot of time and results in a no sale. He should have clarified his pitch at the start but he didn’t which then means that time pressures are even more apparent. Meanwhile Gabrielle has suggested signing up a studio which offers fish pedicures, oh so last Tuesday and surely lacking in higher end market appeal?

Meantime Jade along with Nick, Adam and Tom are heading out to start meeting with businesses. Jade and Nick were successful pretty quickly and Adam and Tom also managing to squeeze a pretty good deal out of a restaurant mainly by getting them to provide tea and coffee free with a meal which increased the discount above their previous normal. A further deal with a spa looked promising too.

All was not well with Stephen however; a deal with a virtual golf range went okay but again was fairly low rent. Ricky and Gabrielle thought the sales pitch to the hotel outside London would take up far too much time, especially if it was no sale. Stephen wasn’t too convinced but went along with it and dropped that business. Both teams scrambled towards the end trying to set up more deals.

In the board room Jade won by a huge sales total. First to go was Gabrielle who had run out of enthusiasm and ideas, it was a fair cop governor. Stephen also went. Well he had too. He was clueless virtually every week and some of his suggestions were just plain silly.

Ricky looks shaky as does Tom, Jade also because of previous tasks whilst Nick is still playing a canny game and Adam has his cheeky chappy persona still intact.

All of them need to demonstrate that they actually want to work with Lord Sugar. They need to do this by having a good argument for them being the winner whilst demonstrating that they actually are winners by being innovative, confident and capable.

That looks like a tall order for them all at the moment!

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