Yes, yes, yes Scotland!

28 May

The launch of the Yes Scotland campaign went fairly well. There were representatives from other political parties, business and the arts supporting the concept of Scotland becoming independent. Alex did a reasonable job with the launch although we all know there is a long way to go.

The No camp has yet to show its cards although having Alistair Darling as their spokesperson seems to be a very good move for the Yes Scotland people. There’s nothing like a deposed, discredited and lacklustre figurehead giving interviews to the BBC and the Scottish press on the basis of good positive examples. Okay I jest, I’ve yet to hear any unionist provide a single good reason for Scotland to stay in the union.

What the event on Friday did achieve was to expose the stark reality of the Scottish MSM and their fervent support of the unionist side. The main ringleader is of course the BBC, which is no surprise given that they follow the Labour/lefty/Guardianista line. Labour and the SNP are not friends and perhaps even enemies so it’s seems like the BBC would want to support the Union.

There are of course other reasons why the BBC might not be entirely enthusiastic for Scottish Independence. Firstly, if independence was gained it would be unlikely that Labour could ever again form a government in London, given that Labour rely on Scottish MPs for their majority. Secondly what part would the BBC play in an independent Scotland? Independence would mean the break up of the BBC as it currently stands. The licence fee paid in Scotland would have to stay in Scotland and 10% of all BBC assets would have to be transferred here too. The nice new and shiny Scottish BBC headquarters   would make a good place to start a new Scottish based TV channel although it’s in the wrong city.

But what of the newspapers in Scotland? It seems self evident that the Scotsman and The Glasgow Herald and their Sunday equivalents aren’t keen on independence. STV doesn’t seem to be either.

The EU won’t want Scotland to be independent. It would set a bad example especially if Scotland stayed outside both the Eurozone and the EU. But what would be the point of gaining independence and then staying within the EU? The EU creates so many rules and regulations when what we need is a huge reduction, which will, dare I say, give us more freedom?

Two years is a long time and there is a lot of water to flow under a number if bridges. Those of us who want independence don’t expect much in the way of support from many sources. We have to win it and whilst there is a lot of time we should start now and just keep on positively trying to help people see the benefits and vote yes!

The unionists haven’t managed any sort of positive reasons for the union to continue. I’m anticipating that they will come up with positive stuff, which will be based on carrots. Stay in the union and you’ll get x, y or z. They have all the cards or so they think, time will tell.

Meantime let’s all stay positive. Just think of the achievement if we won. Lots of countries all over the world will be paying attention to the outcome and many of them could easily end up as trading partners.

The future is bright, the future is independence.


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