Voting YES for Scottish Independence is not a vote for the SNP.

30 May

The Yes Scotland campaign will hopefully gain a reasonable momentum in the next few months. This would be a good thing would it not? Their initial aim to encourage 1 Million people to sign up to the campaign is also a fairly positive thing to do. I’ve signed up, have you? You might like to consider doing so or even do it right now (here) if you haven’t already.

This is a kind of strange situation in a way. The referendum is subject to legal requirements based on the devolved parliament having the powers necessary, which is why, Call me Dave has become involved. However, following a Yes vote the Union is finished. The Union is a Treaty and as such can be withdrawn from at any time, by any partner.

Of course there will be a lot of horse-trading to be carried out. Scotland will need a good settlement in terms of assets and of course debt also. This is all fairly obvious and has been discussed although not in any specific detail as yet.

The TV debates so far have been very predictable, well they would be wouldn’t they given that they have been set up to be biased towards the unionists. The unionists state that the union has been good for Scotland over it’s 300 year life. It may have provided the basis on which Scottish entrepreneurs were able to build up significant businesses but did it actually deliver any infrastructure, share wealth or improve the lives of the Scottish people directly? Of course not, how could it ever have achieved these things? It was and still is Westminster, English Establishment centric.

The Labour spokespersons who take part in these debates rant on about how good the union has been. They do not take responsibility for their abject failure over many years to alleviate dreadful poverty, appalling health issues and a lack of good quality long-term employment in Scotland. They are also, of course, Westminster, English Establishment centric, the Scottish Labour MPs greatly assist keeping Labour in power in the UK.

The Tories have nothing to offer. Their new leader in Scotland has no real mandate and there is only one Tory MP in Scotland. The Labour and Conservative parties should be focussing on how they will have to evolve to survive in a post YES vote in the referendum.

The Greens are banging on about how Scotland could have some sort of amazing economy, which wouldn’t be based on greed and would not grow year on year. Scotland would reduce its carbon footprint and be far more environmentally friendly. Whilst we would all like to see greed removed from our economy there are far greater issues which have to be considered first.

How about we get people into good quality work that pays a fair and decent wage? How about we aim for full employment, which in itself would remove many of the social issues we have? Full employment would also reduce taxation for everyone since more people would be paying tax in general.

Gaining control of oil revenues and working with the oil exploration and production companies would ensure that more money stayed in Scotland and more money was gathered fairly and with benefits for everyone involved.

It all sounds utopian? Of course it does. Stay out of the EU, trade with our historical partners as well as other newer countries around the world. Stay out of wars. Have a defence force only there to defend Scotland. No more foreign wars. No more separate services just one single military entity. A huge reduction in government and regulation at all levels. A clear contract between the people and our elected representatives. A huge reduction in powers for the civil service. I could go on and on.

And yet there is one single recognition, which needs to be made by everyone in Scotland.


It doesn’t matter what party individual voters normally support. It does matter that they vote for the best future for Scotland.

How can they possibly vote NO?

Successive governments in Westminster have misled the Scottish people about the wealth that was available from oil of which almost all has gone to Westminster, have suggested that Scotland didn’t more than pay its way and achieved a goal which no other country in the world has managed to do.

The only country in the world, which has had oil within its borders and has become poorer is Scotland, yes you read that right. That one fact alone should compel people living in Scotland to vote YES.

Let’s hope and actively encourage that they will. Start by signing up today if you haven’t already.


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