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To statin or not to statin.

Here’s an interesting fact. In 2008 the turnover or sales receipts for statins was £25,000,000,000 worldwide. Given that it’s now three years plus since that figure was achieved it will have shot up due to the increasing number of people who are prescribed it rightly or wrongly.

This year most of the better know statins will be out of license and that should bring the price down but it may well be the case that a super statin might come along this which is “proven” to be much more effective. I’ve no evidence of this but the huge profits the drugs companies were enjoying whilst statins were licensed will need to be replaced with something.

The BBC reported a day or so ago that statins are even better than was first thought and as such should be prescribed to as many healthy people as possible. My own doctor is convinced that blood pressure medication and statins will be prescribed for everyone in a few years time.

Whilst prevention is almost certainly better than cure do we really want to be taking drugs because we are told to regardless of any potential risks to our bodies and the highly significant costs involved. NICE the English Drugs regulator are reviewing the evidence, oh that’s nice then.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the cost of statins, as things stand at the moment is around £2,000,000,000 split roughly in half for actual drug costs and then the costs of GPs prescribing them with all the other checks etc. required. As I may have the money spent on statins would build two teaching hospitals every year. Are statins really that good that they are worth that amount of money?

Dr Kendrick, who I have also referenced in previous posts, has found that statins are being prescribed to patients who are terminally ill, or severely demented and are extremely old. Why? To keep them alive? To stop them from having heart attacks or strokes?

The science in all of this is very muddy, much like some other areas of science although in many cases it isn’t science it’s opinion and statistics.

The decision about whether a drug, which is being prescribed for you, is taken or not is down to you, the patient. I don’t know better than doctors but as an adult I can make my own mind up and hope that the doctor will accept my decision. In my case I won’t be taking statins because the evidence I have doesn’t convince its necessary.

Other people may have other views and I’m absolutely delighted that this is the case.

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Welcome to the Hollande Show

The Lefties do same really daft things, which are based on some really daft ideas. Their greenness is automatic (but not for the people) which, when mixed with their leftiness creates moments of high comedy. Step forward the new French President Francois Hollande; shouldn’t he be the Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

He gets voted in on the basis that he will greatly reduce the austerity measures being required because of the great Bank swindle and the trials and tribulations of the Euro Zone. He tells Angela from Germany that he will do it and he wants to promote growth, fair enough although Ang isn’t going to go along with that unless she’s pretending to like she is for most of the Euro issues. So he’s voted in and the French people will expect him to do as he has said he will. Of course that seems pretty unlikely given politicians have moved away from the delivery part of promises and manifesto pledges.

Pretty quickly he breaks a protocol by turning his back on Sarky. Sounds like small beer but some people like their small beer. Did he do it deliberately? Was it part of his leftie stance on disliking all the pomp and ceremony and the like? No, the best is yet to come.

Next up he has decided that a Citreon C5, and not just any Citreon C5 it’s the hybrid diesel version and it’s a convertible, will be his car for his augeration day. And then it’s time to do it. He gets in and stands up in the middle of a downpour. He has to stand there in this wee car whilst surrounded by more than twenty motorcycle outriders.

I’m certain he is making a major political statement at this point. He’s saying I’m not one for flash cars, I’m a man of the people, my tastes and needs are modest, the trappings of the state are silly and not for one such as I who will change the course of the EU and of history its self. There maybe some truths in this. Politicians hidden behind huge security driven around in disguised tanks with the mere voters kept well at bay has become completely out of hand these days.

So lets applaud him for that?

Not so fast.

Once he’s reached his destination and stood in the gents and used a hot air dryer to dry himself at least to a slightly less damp point, it’s time to leave to go and meet Angela. Fanfare, oh wait no cancel that that’s far too ostentatious.

He gets in a private jet and is whisked off into the sky for a German Rendezvous. Oh dear. Is that ostentatious? Is it being humble? Is it green? Is it flash?

So really that sums up the leftie greens. Demonstrating their disdain for the trappings of wealth and position up the point when they need to partake of the trappings of wealth and position.

What will he do next?

It’s bound to be fun as long as you are looking on rather than being directly involved.


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Alex Salmond does love his windmills

First Minister Alex Salmond is still going on about windmills (shake head and sigh!)

Alex is now talking about laying cables under the North Sea so energy created by windmills in Scotland can be used to pump water back up into dams in Norway, which then flows out again creating hydropower when there is a need.

This is a way of storing energy rather than trying to stick it in some huge battery, which doesn’t exist or is not currently technically possible. It seems fair enough, its windy in Scotland so the windmills whizz round and produce electricity, which isn’t needed because it’s warm or not dark. It will still be the case that there will be strong winds at times when people want no power and the dams are full, not to mention the times the windmills cant operate because it too windy..

But wait there’s more. Iceland has a huge amount of thermal power to exploit and a cable may also be laid between Iceland, Shetland, Orkney and Scotland. We’ll have so much cheap energy available it won’t be worth metering, exactly as they said nuclear power would be, not. This is in part because our new Scandic mates the are keen to work with us, because we are just like them and a bit of greenness never goes amiss even if it costs three arms and a few legs.

It’s all slated to happen by 2020 although the cost will be fairly steep to say the least. We have hydropower in Scotland already and no doubt we could develop more if planning permission was possible and the Greens weren’t complaining because the environment for the Lesser Three Toed Newt would be trashed. (Funny how windmills shred birds but that’s okay).

Alex, Alex, Alex. Come over here and have a wee seat for a moment. Now say after me, Scotland is an oil producing country with vast reserves thought to be in the 250 BILLION barrel range and we also have large reserve of shale gas, which will last for a great many years.

Now just stop for a minute Alex, and put the wind and wave power thing into perspective. The claims that have been made for Scottish wind and wave resources have been over-hyped. You know this. The cost in terms of windmills damaging the environment and adding levies to energy bills is ludicrous. Also remember that the UKs contribution to CO2 output is less than 2% of world output so that means that 0.2% of the CO2 output is down to Scotland. Is the effort in Scotland to reduce CO2 worth it? No, of course not

So what does that say to you Alex. By the way you don’t mind me calling you Alex do you Alex? What it means Alex is that the contribution is so small it’s laughable but also bear in mind that there has been no global warming or climate change, which is outwith recognisable trends. There is no connection between CO2 and increased temperatures. There is not a single shred of evidence, based on experimentation in the actual atmosphere rather than in a lab, that the greenhouse effect theory is correct.

The computer models can’t reproduce historical climate variability never mind what is going to happen more than three days away sort of ish. The IPCC Reports are not scientific they are political and being a politician you will know what that means, Alex.

Yes, I know you are convinced by your own thoughts on this matter and the consensus of scientists, which wasn’t a consensus and science never really moves forward based on consensus anyway. There comes a time though when a great leader takes a good hard look at themselves and decides that they have been wrong and then change policies quickly and quietly, this is part of them being “great” leaders.

So Alex, what do you say? Do you want to be up there with radical world leaders who follow what’s right for their country or that other type of leader like the one in London? If you make a stand now Alex you could join the increasingly vociferous group of leaders who are running away from climate change and ditching all the legislation and reducing energy costs to their populations by ditching windmills etc. Canada, good example, Australia in a years time, the USA yes even the USA ,despite Obama and the EPA to name but a few.

By all means maintain a bit of research and development on wind and wave power but not by using subsidies from the rest of us who have more than enough on our plate at the moment.

If you are so enthralled by Norway and Iceland, and they both have a lot to offer, then you might like to follow their example in two specific areas at least. Get out of the EU as soon as it is possible and cancel all mortgage debt. Can you imagine the votes you’d get if you did that? Go on give it a go, you know you want to!

Just in case there is some doubt about green issues I’ve added an article about Germanys power issues and a link to a report from the USA about how they’ve managed to escape most of the green nonsense.

USA link – here

Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party), the prime minister of the state of Baden Wuerttemberg, is urging Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to encourage the construction of new gas-fired power plants. Especially in southern Germany energy security is at risk, according to Kretschmann.

I am firmly convinced that the market in its current form is not suitable to meet the challenges of the energy revolution,” he wrote in a letter to the Chancellor seen by the Financial Times Deutschland. It lacked both the incentives for building new power plants and for the maintenance of existing ones.

Especially in southern Germany energy security is at risk, according to Kretschmann. Germany is heavily dependent on flexible gas power plants to compensate for intermittent green energy. At the same time, however, the green energy boom is having a fatal side effect: Because the production of wind and solar power have been given priority in the electricity market, the building of gas-fired power plants is no longer profitable. Often, it does not even pay to maintain existing power plants. Analysts at Goldman Sachs are already warning of a large-scale demise of power plants in 2013. Grid operators, on the other hand, fear nothing more than the loss of additional power plants in southern Germany, which is particularly affected by the nuclear phase-out”.


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Tax them, tax them until they sqeak and then tax them some more.

You’ll know who the RAC are I’m sure. They are an organisation that helps keep people on the roads when they’ve broken down. They do a lot more stuff these days but they still maintain the breakdown service. In years gone by people got a shiny chrome RAC badge, which they stuck, on their cars grill. RAC mechanics would apparently salute if they saw a car with a badge, as did the AA.

Since the RAC help drivers you would expect that they would have drivers interest at heart given that they need to make a lot of money from drivers to keep their business growing. Perhaps this is no longer the case and perhaps it’s been quite a while since it was.

Yesterday a report was discussed which was prepared by the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the RAC Foundation. The fuel duty and vehicle excise, which will be lost to the treasury over the next 15 years, will eventually reach  £13 billion a year. This is due to people buying cars, which use much less fuel and because the road tax rates have been altered to encourage people to drive more fuel-efficient cars. The outcome is that fuel duty will have to increase by 50% and road tax also adjusted upwards. The report suggests that perhaps road tolls and charging per mile travelled might be of some use.

I’m assuming that the people involved in this live on another planet, have no friends or any contact with Earth and take copious amount of impressively mind altering drugs. How could they possibly come up with these predictions and outcomes?

In the first instance the fuel duty is completely ridiculous, bringing in £65 billion a year, yes you read the right! It is a significant driver (oh dear terrible pun – groan) for inflation since most goods have a delivery by vehicle cost content. The road tax has been a joke for years. It was supposed to be for developing and maintaining the road network. Of course politicians just couldn’t keep their hands off it and now it brings in a huge amount with only a small amount actually spent on roads.

The reduction in fuel use is down to the government themselves and the ridiculous green policies they have enacted not to mention austerity and banks going pop! It’s not just petrol and diesel either it’s water, electricity, gas etc. etc. which they have encouraged people to use less off to save the planet and to save money and then they raise the prices through taxation. Regardless of anything else.

Why is it that the government needs all this money anyway? No business could afford to carry on this way unless they had a pretty watertight monopoly and whilst the government thinks it has that may not be the case. The Government should be spending the money it is given by taxpayers and no more. If they get less then they spend less.

Isn’t it just like the government to enact one thing, which then seriously impinges on another? The fact that they have been doing all this green nonsense when there is no proof it is actually needed in the first place. Well done them.

The RAC? They should be fighting this tooth and nail not being part of the team which is trying to make motorists lives even more difficult.

The Government think we are idiots who will take no end of abuse without as much as a whimper. Unfortunately they are probably right on that. It’s our own fault.

What will it take for people to decide enough is enough?


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Greece and austerity

Over the past few months Greece and its trials and tribulations have taken up a lot of news and current affairs programme time. It seems to be pretty well accepted that the problems with the Euro started when countries were being appraised for membership. It’s further accepted that the rules for joining were… how to put this… more flexibly applied than originally intended.

Hence there are countries in the Eurozone who can’t operate in the same economic climate as Germany and the other larger and differently structured economies. The problems are home grown then. Oh dear. Just to keep things in some sort of perspective however, have a look at the performance and debts of the UK and especially the comparison at the bottom with other countries.

Austerity is the name of the game or at least it was as far as Germany was concerned. Thon wee Sarkozy boy from France had a similar approach but he’s had to vacate his desk and his replacement has been making noises about less austerity and more economic growth. Why austerity as a first choice? Well the Germans said so and given the losses and the damage to so many economies around the world there’s a shortage of money to do any investing with. Yes I know China along with some other countries could invest but since their exports have been hit they might want to hold onto their cash until the dust settles over the Euro.

There is another example however, of how things could have been handled. Iceland. Iceland didn’t pay its overseas creditors. I’m not aware of any articles in the press or the TV news showing deprivation, starvation, lawlessness etc. in Iceland. That being the case the people must be fairly happy then?

There’s no austerity in Iceland. The Government went out to the people and a new constitution was created by the people along with the government. The new constitution was to ensure that never again could a banking collapse happen in Iceland. From what I’ve read about it, it sounds like it is pretty good, in fact so good that our own governments as in Westminster and the devolved areas should be doing the same thing.

Lets get real here. There is no way that could happen with Westminster still in the mix. Too many people with too much to lose. The establishment would never allow it. Bearing in mind that this is supposed to be a democratic country those are dreadful things to say but nonetheless that is the situation

The people in Iceland managed it. They also managed an even more startling, amazing I want one event. Almost all mortgage debt was written off. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine waking up one morning and your house was yours; you didn’t have to pay a penny more to your mortgage provider. You don’t believe me? Have a look at this.

Yes lets think of the large sums of money people would then have since they’d be paying NO mortgage! People could spend some of the money on reducing other debts, save some of it and buy some nice stuff with the rest.

Now do you think for a fraction of a second that the Double Dip Twins, Dave and George would consider this as a good idea? Of course not and if they did they’d put a tax on it so people were left with little more than before. The Double Dip Twins haven’t a clue, not just about real peoples lives but also about everything. Dave is a clever man? In a meaningful, country leading, intellectual way? Fill in your own answer.

According to those that know about such things 40% of the UKs overseas trade is with the EU although I heard a guy on TV last night say it was 50%. Whether it’s 40% or 50% the stagnation within the EU makes its likely that exports to the EU will reduce. 40%-50% of very little is still very little.

So Greece looks odds on to leave the Eurozone. The powers that be will continue to stop it from happening even if it costs us all large amounts of money. In the end Greece will leave but slowly and more gradual since that will facilitate a longer stay of execution for the remaining Eurozone.

Ultimately the Eurozone will fail. It was built to fail because they started off bending the rules, which caused the imbalances, which ultimately and inevitably came home to roost.




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Alcohol minimum unit pricing.

What are they doing? Have they taken leave of their senses? Do they really believe that people are going to go along with their latest wheeze?

I’m talking about the SNP. They are going to implement a minimum price for a unit of alcohol of 50p. They are doing this because they believe it will reduce alcohol abuse and the resulting stresses on the NHS and society in a wider sense: no doubt a worthy aim but surely attempting to address an effect rather than a cause.

The 50p unit of alcohol cost is a bad move in many ways. Firstly, it means that the retailers who sell alcohol will immediately enjoy an increase in profits. This is because the Scottish Government has no tax raising powers and as such cannot raise duty, which would redirect the money, raised through increased prices, into government coffers.

Secondly, people will still buy the alcohol they want. They will adapt their preferences to the best-priced products and if the unit price rises they will look at making their own, buy it from white van man or organise trips to places where it’s still cheap to buy. Some people will probably buy more drugs instead of alcohol. You know, those illegal ones, which could contain all sorts of rubbish, which might impact negatively on the NHS? Also, has anyone in government read up on the prohibition experiment in the USA?

I really doubt that this will make much difference from a health point of view just as the ban on smoking in public places made no difference despite the claims made by the Government, which the official NHS figures debunked. Sure there are bound to be benefits to some extent but they will be diluted because they are treating the effect rather than the cause.

And what is the cause? Large segments of the population think it’s cool to drink and get drunk, some people drink to get outside their problems and they feel better when they’re drunk and some just drink because they like it. Reality check, and shock, horror, probe some people will undoubtedly be doctors, nurses, and all the other medical professionals who are so quick to stand up and pontificate about alcohol abuse.

This raises a question about the SNP. With the Independence Referendum in mind, they need to show good governance to demonstrate they are up to the job of running a country. The introduction of the minimum price for alcohol is one example of this, which is supposed to demonstrate that they will act sensibly and caringly

I suggest it is demonstrating that they may be closer to the main parties in the UK than they think. I think they have demonstrated that they have more than an eye on the “famous meter”. Politicians seem to be spending a lot of time these days looking at the “famous meter” and then trying to introduce policies first before other countries do or they introduce policies which go further than other countries do. Then they sit back and claim they acted more quickly and more stringently and the “famous meter” score jumps up accordingly.

There you go! Fame! That is a line or a paragraph in the history books for the politician. Result!

Of course there are all the people who drink sensibly and who will find themselves having to pay more although initial examples seem to suggest it’s pretty much the low rent alcohol, which has borne the brunt. This is of course bought by the people who can least afford alcohol so a direct hit on the vulnerable then. Good one Nicola!

How about the MSM come up with a wee campaign? Press the retailers of alcohol from the Tescos to the corner shops to donate the extra money they make on alcohol sales from the minimum unit price to alcohol and drug abuse treatment organisations? The retailers say they don’t want to charge more so they won’t mind passing it onto their customers in effect.

It may be that the attempt to enact the levy on alcohol will be illegal under EU law, could this result in it being scrapped and something good coming out of the EU?

The next chapter of the SNP saga will be along shortly.


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Its been a taxing time for Rangers Football Club

I’d be quite happy if Glasgow Rangers moved to London and played in the Premiere League and Glasgow Celtic moved to Dublin and played in the Irish League. Both teams claim their roots are either based in the UK or in Ireland. The problem is they polarise sectarianism based on Protestant and Catholic, which is a terrible blight for Scotland.

Of courses at the moment Rangers have a bit more on their plates than football. The takeover of the club by Charles Green has ended up in administration, which has uncovered financial issues left right and centre and another few from other angles. The biggest problem was always HMRC who felt that the way that some players had been paid in years gone by were somewhat, perhaps, over the line of what is acceptable from a tax avoidance point of view.

The amount HMRC were chasing was £9 million, or was it £45 million or was it £90 million or more? There was also the lack of paying VAT and PAYE. pretty messy by anyone’s standards. The administrators moved as quickly as circumstances would allow to secure new owners and this weekend such a rare breed stepped forward.

The job of sorting Rangers out was made a bit mode difficult by the SFA and the Scottish Premiere League changing the rules as they went along and they are still doing so now. This is the point where logic goes out of the window.

First up then Rangers are docked ten points for this season. On the face of it not too bad since they were probably going to end up in second place anyway. However, finishing in second meant that they’d play in Europe next season so it seems only fair that they lost that.

Now the rest of the punishments or probable punishments are a bit more difficult. First of all they get deducted points for next season and they are banned from signing any new players for a season at least. They should be demoted to the Scottish Third Division and have to play their way back into the SPL. Both the SFA and the SPL seem to be making it up as they go along.

There’s always been a problem with the other football clubs in Scotland who see the Old Firm, Celtic and Rangers, as having a privileged position and getting all the money, luck and cudos. That being the case, the other clubs want to get more of a share of the revenue and get more of everything else too.

Rangers and Celtic feel they are entitled to more than the other teams because they have a huge support and they are much, much larger clubs with years of success behind and In front of them. And therein lies the biggest issue.

The smaller clubs rely on the big gate receipts, which Rangers and Celtic provide. The TV payments also reflect Rangers and Celtics value on a wider stage. Whilst its obvious that this situation perpetuates the two-tier system how else could it be? Damage Rangers and Celtic and everyone suffers. Other clubs would flounder if the money created by Rangers and Celtic was reduced and without doubt no Rangers and Celtic in Scottish football, would impoverish the whole of game here.

Forcing Rangers to start again in the Third Division would be a disaster for the smaller teams. The grounds at that level are, shall we say, a bit basic. At half time the fans swap ends walking past each other and having a bit of banter with the other side and the lone policeman who might turn up for a few minutes during the match or might not turn up at all.

Celtic need Rangers and Rangers need Celtic. They are a brand. Without Rangers Celtic lose a big part of who they are and you may have noted that the comments made by the Celtic Manager have been muted and, almost but not quite, supportive of Rangers struggles to survive.

The new owners have a bit of work to do. Sort out the debt with a CVA or form a new company. Then they have to restructure the club, sort out the players contracts, buy new players and get the money flowing back in. Not so easy perhaps.

Neither Rangers nor Celtic will be allowed to fail. There is far too much at stake.

What of the taxman? He’ll huff and puff and settle in the knowledge that a successful Rangers will pay lots and lots of tax for a long time to come.

What fun.


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Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink

There’s always been a sort of on going joke, which goes like this. “at least they don’t tax the air we breath”. You will have heard that often I’m sure. Of course the real joke is that they are doing just that. The environmental levies on our electricity bills do indeed tax us on the basis of a harmless gas called carbon dioxide which we breath out. If it wasn’t so disgusting and reprehensible it might be funny. If you listen you can hear your forebears spinning in their graves.

There are two things we just have to have to live, the Internet and blogging. Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. No in fact it’s water and air. We need air all the time to breath and we need water, which we have to have, or we die within a few days. Here we stagger into the next upcoming scam from the EU, facilitated by the Double Dip Twins, Dave LOL and George Wimp.

The drought, which has been hammering down at times proved that between leaks and failure to build additional storage, the current water system couldn’t satisfy the needs of the population as it now stands. At the moment, of course, this is all happening in the southeast but it’s likely to be a problem elsewhere if nothing is done about it.

The EU however wants people to pay more for water on the basis of Climate Change. The only people left who believe in Climate Change are of course governments, NGOs, scientists whose livelihoods depend on it, enviro loonies for whom it is a religion and those who can’t be bothered checking a few simple facts. This is a large percentage of the population then.

The EU reasoning is that water is critical to us all so we must all conserve it because climate change will make it scarcer. Now that might hold water (groan) in countries, which are desert like, but not in the UK. Get real EU but they can’t. Making water more expensive by adding levies to customers bills, will ensure water use is reduced.

So the two great and only tools of government tax and fine are employed. If you misuse water you’ll get charged even more which is a form of being fined. If you pay more you will also pay more VAT/tax but in both cases there are of course no guarantees.

Like the council tax, various utilities, and innumerable other products and services we use, be it public or private sector, many services are not subject to a proper Service Level Agreement (SLA). If you are not protected by an SLA you have little possibility of being able to demand compliance by the provider. Even when you have a genuine grievance, which is covered by an SLA, it can be made very difficult for you to receive compensation, to which you are entitled.

For example your Internet connection goes down. You check it out and it’s not a problem at your end. You phone to report the outage and you get a recorded message, which tells you that they are aware of it and it will be fixed as soon as possible. A few hours later it’s still down and the message has changed slightly indicating it will be back on very soon. The next day it comes back on mid-morning and you call to complain because their SLA says that after a set time they will refund you some money when the service goes down. When you speak to someone they say that you didn’t report the problem so you are not entitled to compensation. You say you called and got the message. They say you should have reported the fault.

Sound familiar?

The chances of getting any sort of real service is pretty low and we are powerless to do anything about it. But we have representatives who can. Our elected representatives will help as will our local council. Oh come on of course they won’t.

If our current parliament, woeful as it is, allows the EU to restrict water access without our MPs, MSPs or MEPs voting this down whilst insisting that the water companies stop leakages and build the reservoirs they should have done years ago…

Well there we have it. We can do nothing. Not a thing. As long as so many people do not vote at election time and our elected members are subject to the whip and care little about voters anyway, we have no recourse. This sounds like a dangerous situation to me.

Where is change likely to come from?


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BBC The Apprentice – Lording it in the boardroom – Episode 9

The Apprentice this week was all about one thing. It was about wanting something badly enough to make sure you get it. Laura lost her drive or found that she didn’t want the prize enough or she just gave up. It all boils down to the same thing.

She didn’t sell enough; she knew she wasn’t selling enough even although her normal day-to-day selling activities should have helped her to perform well. Mind you the team ethos was pretty sadly lacking. In the boardroom her erstwhile teammates cited her lack of sales as being the reason they lost. They would say that because they pick up on anything, which deflects their own deficiencies being recognised.

The real failure on this task was of course down to Tom the team leader. He failed to communicate a coherent plan to his team. He failed to recognise the need to evaluate all the artists’ work and then put them in an order of preference. Once he lost his favourite artist to the other team they had to make a snap decision, which caused them even more problems.

They chose an artist who painted at the large end of the score. Big canvases need big walls and big rooms. Not a lot of people have those and certainly those that do are either well off or they work with businesses or galleries etc.

Tom said that he’d gone for that artist because his work sold for £10,000 or so. That made it a risk but if they sold just one they would most likely win the task. Lord Sugar thought this wasn’t a bad thing to do. Now why did he say that? Successful entrepreneurs are normally successful because they take risks, however when they take risks they make sure that they are manageable. There was no safety net for Tom on this task after he made the decision to sell the large canvasses.

Tom also made an even greater error. Artists generally have a bit if an ego at least. It is therefore important to keep them onside and to praise their work and hang on their every utterance. Tom trying to impress them with his knowledge of street art turned the artists off. They aren’t interested in other artists per se they are interested in their own art and how they can sell enough work to continue to live as artists rather than heading down the 9.00 to 5.00 route. Tom failed to recognise this.

In Toms defense he’s young. He’s not old enough to have made his current business really work, he’s still learning and he will continue to learn for years to come. At the moment he will probably be enjoying painful and costly business lessons on a daily basis. He hasn’t got experience to fall back on yet. If he has a degree it won’t support him in the day-to-day cut and thrust that trying to maintain a business, as a profitable entity requires.

Laura had to go. Stephen will go soon and Stephen will go sooner still. Adam however, may be in with a real chance. Pretty boy Nick won’t get employed for being pretty, Gabrielle is worth watching, Jade lacks organisational planning, Jenna may make it to the final or to the interviews and Ricky is hiding.

There is nowhere to hide however.

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Paedophiles sentenced

Yesterday saw the sentencing of a paedophile ring of Asian men from Rochdale. You already know the details. The girls were under sixteen and legally defined as children. There is no real defence for this unless the girls misled the men. Under sixteen = children and anyone having sex with any child under sixteen is a sex offender and their name is placed on the Sex Offender Register for life. Yes life. I haven’t seen or heard any report that confirms they have been placed on the register and that the charges included paedophilia.

The judge said “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion”. He also said that  the girls were “worthless” as far as the guilty men were concerned. That sounds very like racism is it not? No mention of any additional racist charges however.

We all know what would have happened if it had been a 9 British men who were in the dock and the girls had been Asian. The Prime Minister would have been apologising on TV. The BBC would have had this as the main story for days. No punishment would have been severe enough.

I haven’t noticed any strident screeching from the feminists either. I would have thought they would have been appalled by this crime.

I didn’t hear anyone denounce the Asian guy interviewed by the BBC who inferred that the girls brought it upon themselves. How exactly? He inferred that they had loose morals. But they were under the age of consent. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that no harm comes to them. If the paedophiles in question thought this was the case they should have either left them alone or alerted social services. But they chose to exploit them which is the most immoral choice of all.

It seems that this has been going on all over England at least since 2005. Now I’m sure that the Police had a huge investigation going about sex slaves and people trafficking. In all the years it was in place they managed to find very few examples of this despite all the resources, the high profile and the huge cost.

But they didn’t notice this type of “grooming”. Grooming? Luring and exploiting children! The Police were aware things were going on as they have admitted during this trial. There are a number of cases exactly like this one all over England. Is there a task force set up to investigate and prosecute those who are involved? What about all the other Asian gentlemen who were offered the girls, any sign of those being rounded up and added to the Sec Offenders List?

The Asian community are like every other community. The vast majority just want to live quietly and get on with their lives. However, there is an element in all communities, which cause trouble and are unlawful and to our collective shame we either fail to recognise it or choose to do nothing about it.

I’ve been in two minds to publish this particular blog item. I may be branded a racist although I am nothing of the sort. The race card is played far too often, far too readily and far too triumphantly by the left and of course by some of the minority ethnic groups. In fact the paedophiles above also tried to use the race card when they were arrested.

Racism isn’t just by whites it is every colour and every race.

Over protection of some ethnicity may actually exacerbate the likelihood of people not feeling the full force of the law.

Criminals are criminals no matter what!




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