Liz’s tailors gone for a burton!

03 Jun

It’s been an increasingly busy few weeks and now it is the busiest weekend for quite some time. It’s my Diamond Jubilee don’t you know? Glad rags to the fore, dust off the shiny horses and carriage, get the wellies out for the boat pageant and the festival gear dusted off for the concert.

What should one wear? Well that’s a good question. Mummy went for the comfy and smart look. Simple really. Find something that is comfortable to wear and have it run up in various different colours, hats, handbags and shoes included. None of those bright red-soled shoes though. Good grief one might be considered to be a chav if one wore a pair of red-soled shoes regardless of the price. Shall I pursue Mummy’s route do you think? Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday one attended the Epsom Derby to watch the gee-gees and enjoyed a successful punt or two. Inside info? Well I am the Queen so no one is going to complain as it is ones jubilee and anyway, most of the horses are mine!

Today it’s off for some gentle boating down the Thames. Wellies needed for that although maintaining formal attire will be so important at all times. Windsor Wellies with the family crest embossed in gold should help a bit what! It is to be hoped that inclement weather shall be only noticeable by its absence and that all those other little boats will remain at a safe and respectful distance. Prince Andrew may be supportive in moments relating to seafaring activities although one is never sure what he is going to do next.

Monday will require the festival outfits to be tested out for this year. Neon is a safe bet usually but that may be too vulgar for this year. One hopes that ones grandsons will refrain from carrying their respective wives, girlfriends or admirers on their shoulders at times. Heaven forbid that the said lady friends lose all decorum by flashing any bodily parts at the various pop groups and singers. It will be nice to see that Cliff Richard chap and of course Paul McCartney. One does ones best to remain as youthful as possible and I do so enjoy poking at fun at Cliff and Paul, reminding them how much better I look for my age whilst they look, well how can I put this? Decrepit. Such fun. Young Gary Barlow, now there’s a nice looking young man

A further change of attire will be required for the lighting of the beacon at 10.30 on Monday evening. It may even be a scarf and gloves moment, although dear, dear Charlie has advised that they won’t be required due to all this global warming that has been taking place. I noticed that the drought seemed to be particularly heavy over the past few weeks so just in case we get more drought one will take a stout umbrella and perhaps a pac-a-mac might be in order.

Monday will definitely require ones ceremonial gear, including ones state crown, which hopefully will be back from the crown cleaning service by then. It’s always nice to swan up to St Pauls and wave at ones subjects from a nice horse drawn carriage. The parking can be such a bind in that area at times too.

There may be an opportunity to nip down to the Crypt café for a pot of tea and one of their extremely good scones. It’s a bit pricey mind you although the public conveniences are exceptionally well placed if you’ve been out and about for a bit and you never know when the next opportunity for a comfort break might be possible.

Things should settle down a fair bit after that. One has to nip down to the Post Office to collect ones pension. It doesn’t go far these days but every little helps really. It’s customary for Phillip and I to them go straight to Lidls to get in some supplies of food and the odd bottle. One has to economise in the current climate although it will be many years before my pile of gold runs out.

Must dash. Things to do and people to see or vice versa.

I do hope you enjoy all of my activities this weekend.

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