It’s the Queens Diamond Jubilee you know.

04 Jun

Yes, yes, yes. Yawn . As I’ve said I’m sure she’s a nice woman but the outpouring of sycophancy for her by her subjects, enthusiastically choreographed by the BBC is pretty suspect. Let’s try to bear in mind that this is 2012 and Kings and Queens, Princesses, Dukes and all other archaically titled people are mainly the preserve of Disney Studios and the like.

The Queen, of course is mainly in place as the figurehead for the British establishment. Their message to those who aren’t within the privileged ranks is of course that as Head of State a non-elected, non-political person is the best option. So that’s to say that a Queen will protect us from the shenanigans which a democratically elected political Head of State will surely get up to, bringing the position into disrepute.

Over the past few days the Queen has been lauded as being dignified at all times. Well, after sixty years in the same job it would be surprising if she wasn’t. Of course there is an Achilles here.

Step forward the royal family. Where to start. Well let’s address Princess Anne first. Dodgy first husbands aside, I think she’s done a fabulous job. I say that because she is involved in a local charity and she really supports it, visiting often, even when she isn’t working as a royal.

Prince Charles is a Greenie and a keen one at that, Prince Edward, there are rumours; let’s leave it at that and Prince Andrew, allegedly dodgy business deals, shocking choice of first wife. The two princes?

Would an elected Head of State be a better bet? Well maybe not. Now you did not expect me to say that. If I say Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Putin… Well, disaster waiting to happen or continuing, slow moving car crash comes to mind. And yet they are all democratically elected so it’s the voters to blame if it doesn’t work out as it said it would on the tin.

It’s a concern and more so because of the possibility of Scottish Independence. Our wee pal Alex, is suggesting we retain The Queen. This is not a decision for Alex to make, this is very much a decision for people living in Scotland to make. If there was a referendum on who the Head of State should be, some will vote for Queenie and some not but we should all have a say in it.

I’m sure the Queen will remain in place for a long time to come and maybe in ten years time I’ll be blogging about the platinum jubilee. The Queen may or may not be the Head of State for Scotland at that point. A lot of things will no doubt change although not as we might prefer.

We really need to get away from royalty although the EU looks as if they’ve already done the deed for us. The Queen is now subject to the laws of the EU without exception, just like everyone else who lives in the member states of the EU. Of course she will still have her privileges but…

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