It’s an ill wind…

07 Jun

There have been quite a few false dawns over the past few years. The momentum is certainly building up and the number of negatives and reversals have been mounting.

What am I talking about? Climate change or global warming!

Let me get one thing straight. I am not anti-green or anti-environmental. There is a need to maintain our environment and obviously a place for people who wish to follow green principles. However, I am against green, environmental issues, which put their cause before those of human need.

In an ideal world we would have cheap energy, which didn’t have a by-product needing, regulated disposal. Energy needs to be cheap because people need to heat their homes effectively. Current “sustainable” energy is ridiculously expensive and increases energy costs for everyone resulting in people not being able to afford top heat their homes effectively.

The Treasury is planning to reduce the subsidies on on-shore renewable energy by 25%, at last the start of fairness being applied to the energy markets. It would be better if the treasury also reduced the duty on fuel, but that might take a lot longer and need much more aggressive budget cutting in central government.

The greenies are whining. The drop in profits for the investors in sustainable energy will greatly reduce their commitment to it. Of course this is also helped by the increased rejection of wind farms being built. Local people are beginning to stop wind farms going ahead which will again reduce costs for the government since they won’t be paying out as much in subsidies. Spain and Germany are going down a similar route and Germany has to address the ridiculous fallacy that they can move away from nuclear power and introduce sustainable energy to replace it. They’ve been buying nuclear derived electricity from France and other neighbouring countries to keep the lights on, possibly a bit cynical perhaps?

The continuing slow drip of the end of the global warming scam is speeding up. It’s such a pity that so many people have made so much money out of it. The taxpayer of course hasn’t, they’ve just paid the bills.

The environmental scam goes much wider than sustainability and energy. If you haven’t read this, then please do. The WWF is shown to be involved in things which it just shouldn’t be under any circumstances. Oh maybe not in Europe or the USA or anywhere they might get noticed. No, they are doing it in third world countries, developing countries, the countries that can least afford it with indigenous people who are supposed to be benefiting through the support provided by WWF but which in fact may fall a long way short.

The reduction in power and privilege of NGOs who are failing their clients and the membership is long overdue. Their grasping of the Global warming scam, which they used so vigorously and to such profit, may prove to be their downfall.

They knew the truth of it but still carried on, alarmist to the end, which is getting ever closer.



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