Perpetual motion and the BBCs like of veal calves.

13 Jun

I kind of like these ideas people have for perpetual motion devices. Kind of like cold fusion, you get more out of it than you put in, like bank savings accounts that you used to get more out of than you put in and those duff energy saving bulbs which more power goes into than the amount of light that comes out and no heat either.

Now environmentalists are really good at getting more out of things than they put in. We have various recycling things going on in Edinburgh one of which is garden rubbish. Basically we fill our brown bin with grass and plant cuttings and the Council empties the bin once a fortnight, probably it’s the same in your area. At this point I should say that you mustn’t overfill your brown bin or you get a wee yellow slip stuck on your bin, which lectures you about the error of your ways.

The garden stuff is then taken to a depot and they mush it up and leave it to become compost. Then after a while it’s gone all mushy and they bag and sell it back to people in Edinburgh. Perpetual motion! The council puts virtually no effort in, takes the raw materials from council taxpayers free of charge and then sells it back to them for a price. Just like that. They don’t weigh your bin and then stuff a few quid through your letterbox as payment for the garden stuff. The same could be said for all the other stuff, which is recycled. The council takes it for free, sells it and keeps the money.

Now that sounds like a bit underhand. The council is supposed to be there to serve us rather than help themselves to the contents of our wallets. I think councils could show the Godfather a thing or two although it’s only business.

Another fabulous and much copied example of perpetual motion came to light recently and was covered by the BBC, well, by the new chap who has taken over, from John Craven, the mantle of mouthpiece for the continuing threat that climate change and global warming have on the virtual reality version of the world that the BBC inhabits.

The scandal that the BBC had unearthed was that lots of male calves were being shot at birth because there was no market for them. Their mothers were bred for milk and the breed wasn’t suitable as good beef cattle. When I heard this I was surprised to a degree because farmers are experts in getting as much out of anything which is possible and then some.

Further investigation found that these calves were previously used for veal production. And here we have our green perpetual motion in full swing. Basically a few years ago veal was looked on as being very bad because poor male calves were stuck in very small wooden crates and fed on a diet of milk. The greenies didn’t like this at all so they campaigned to get it stopped and lo it was. Then of course the calves had lost their only remaining purpose so they were shot at birth instead.

Then along came the BBC who unearthed the scandal of the shooting of thousands of calves every year. Game set and match, perpetual motion in place and working perfectly. Rear them as veal calves but do it in a nice way.

I’ve also previously mentioned an issue, which arose when one of my friends was planning to have a new office built.  There was an area of “wetland” within the plot of land. The council would only provide planning permission if the wetland was moved because there were species living in/on it.

A bit of checking by a surveyor found that the wetland was manmade. A large mains water pipe ran underneath it, which was leaking, which the water board knew about but hadn’t fixed. The council said that didn’t make any difference. Perpetual motion established. The wetland was accidental but it’s existence kept council people busy.

The cost to move the wetland? £100-200K. No office was built and the jobs that would have been created in the council area went to one next door. What would have happened if the water pipe had been decommissioned? The water would have evaporated, no wetland anymore.

Now I’m not sure if this is a greenie post or a council post. It’s a perpetual motion post! Want another? Look at how NGO’s lobby the government who give them money to lobby the government more.

It’s an epidemic of very expensive perpetual motion.


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