Just to make sure we are all agreed on what Independence means (Part 1)

14 Jun

Just to make sure we are all agreed on what Independence means (Part 1)

I checked with an online dictionary so that I had a working definition of the actual meaning of the word Independence. These were the results –

1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.

2. Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant.

3. Not determined or influenced by someone or something else.

4. Not dependent on or affiliated with a larger or controlling entity.

5. Not relying on others for support, care, or funds; self-supporting.

The context of Independence in this case is independence for Scotland. I am writing this particular post to clarify, for myself and for anyone else who may also be wondering, if the SNP understand what Independence actually means rather than their growing meaning of it, which doesn’t seem to reflect what most people, I would imagine, believe it is.

I say again, that I am an SNP supporter, although I should clarify that this support is based on the goal of gaining Independence after which I hope the people living in Scotland, and any of those Scots from overseas who wish to come back, will have a significant say in everything else which will need to be decided and changed. The SNP have done a wonderful job in getting to this stage and to go on to achieve Independence will be of huge historical importance.

Independence has to be just that, leaving Scotland free as per the definition above. At the moment I get the feeling that the SNP have woken upon to the enormity of the task and taken stage fright. I am aware that Rupert Murdoch suggested that Alex Salmond is one of the most able politicians in the UK. So is Alex playing a canny game or is he a bit lost?

The SNP are saying that Scotland would retain the English pound. That means we’d be subject to a monetary policy, which would be defined for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. That wouldn’t be independent. Shouldn’t we just keep on using Scottish money and let the markets decide value? The Scottish pound in our pocket?

Shouldn’t we have our own Central Bank, which devises monetary policy and also regulates the Scottish Financial markets? Since Scotland would have oil revenues I wouldn’t have thought that establishing our own currency would be difficult. We wouldn’t have the English FSA regulating our financial sector as the SNP were suggesting last week.

Independence, but still a member of the EU won’t work. It’s a contradiction in terms. We can’t be in the EU. We can do a deal with the EU as Norway has. As long as we can choose what bits we want which will be beneficial to Scotland we should be okay. We can get rid of mountains of ridiculous regulation, which adds thousands of pounds of costs to each and every household in Scotland every year. Our fishing rights would be restored based on our territorial waters; we could carefully grow our own fishing fleet again.

NATO? What sort of Defense Force does Scotland need? Fishery and oil facility protection maybe a couple of bigger boats with bigger guns and missiles with helicopters just in case someone got a bit cheeky. Jets to transport stuff, jet fighters and AWACs to help police our skies, land and waters? Maybe an entire defense force of 30,000? Most significantly, a force, which is ONLY to be used for defense. No sending forces to distant wars or to help police warring factions etc.

The Queen. Head of State? Why? A billionaire figurehead. No relevancy to a modern Scotland. The Queen portrays privilege and those who feel they deserve privilege support the Queen. The Queen will always be the Queen of England first and foremost. Do we really want King Charles and then King William in the future? I think not.

Keeping the Saltire in the Union Flag? Behave. How ludicrous is that? Can’t we have the Saltire and also elevate the Rampant Lion and use it too for more ceremonial occasions?

These are my thoughts so far and I don’t expect people to agree with them all or even one of them. Where we must agree however is to ensure that Independence is won. A vote for Independence is not a vote for the SNP.

I’ll revisit this topic next Thursday.


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