Better together says whom?

26 Jun

The “Better Together” camp have broken ground and they’re off! Led by, born in London, ex-Loretto School pupil Alistair Darling the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer who over saw the Credit Crunch response in the UK and took the RBS into nationalisation. During the “MPs expenses fiasco years, Darling Alistair partook of a feast of “flipping” his designated residence four times in four years and enjoying the full benefits this allowed.

A safe pair of hands then for the Westminster establishment to have lead their cause of keeping Scotland in the union. Now isn’t that a strange aim? Keeping Scotland in the union? How odd!

My first question to the “Better Together” team then is – Why is it so important for Scotland to remain in the union?

I ask this against a background based on a continuing mantra by Westminster that the UK subsidises Scotland to a significant degree resulting a higher spend by head of population than the rest of the UK. Which leads me to my second question – Why would the rest of the UK wish to continue subsiding Scotland?

I think it is completely ludicrous that Westminster has maintained this fallacy of subsidy when in fact it has been Scotland subsidising Westminster who have squandered the riches from North Sea Oil on all manner of fiscal experimentation, subsidy, wars, political dogma and fiscal incompetence.

The retort would probably be along the lines of North Sea Oil output dropping substantially and it no longer contributes significantly to the UK economy as a whole. My third question would then be – How much money was received by the Westminster Treasury, from oil and gas operations carried out in Scottish Territorial waters, from the beginning of activities in the 1970’s to date?

Moving on to other matters. The “Better Together” camp want to put forward their reasons for why Scotland should remain within the union. I am very keen to hear the positive reasons why this would be beneficial for everyone in the UK. I don’t want to hear all the negative stuff about how vulnerable Scotland and its people would be, how it would be such a huge risk for our children or how small and insignificant Scotland would be on the world stage. So rushing on to my next question – Can the “Better Together” team state five significant and clearly beneficial and positive reasons for Scotland to remain in the Union?

My last question is fairly simple – What will the benefit to the UK as a whole be if Scotland remains within the UK and what effect would Scotland leaving the union be on the remaining members

The last question would provide details of where in the G20 the UK would be, what reduction in influence, such as it has, in the EU and in all other measurable areas and activities. I think that it is only fair for “Better Together” to get these facts out to the people of the UK as a whole.

The BBC and the MSM have a part to play in this debate. It will almost certainly be a negative part as far as Scottish Independence is concerned. At some point, if the pro independence support shows a majority there may need to be a careful rethink for the MSM in general. The numbers of Newspapers sold is falling dramatically and the number of people who recognise the bias of the BBC and their fawning competitors is growing. They may need to consider their stand point if independence is very likely to be achieved.

The fight for independence will be a significant uphill struggle. It will take a huge effort to garner the support necessary to win Scottish Independence. It’s also looking more likely that the SNP will need to look very hard at their aims over the next few months in particular and start acting and talking like a party who want to lead Scotland to independence, real independence not casual independence which they seem to be pursuing at the moment.

There is still time. We can do this. In truth we have to do this if we really want to improve Scotland the potential for all the people who live within its borders.

Please also bear in mind that a yes vote for an independent vote isn’t a vote for the SNP it is a vote to secure a better future for all of who live in Scotland.


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