Who will “Bag” Alex

27 Jun

Here we go again. The SNP government sit down and talk about stuff and then decide they need to act. They then stick a target to one of their feet and then they shoot at it which is then followed by howls of indignation because it hurts and it shouldn’t.

This time the target is of course plastic bags. Apparently they litter our streets, they take a million years to rot away, they use up valuable resources in their manufacture and they cause climate change. Complete and utter nonsense from beginning to end.

In your experience do you see more litter in the shape of plastic bags or more sweet wrappers, cans, etc. etc.? Plastic bags do not constitute a large litter problem and neither do they form any sort of threat to the environment. If plastic bags last such a long time we would be making our houses out of them. I’ve read claims, which say a plastic bag takes a thousand years to rot, what a lot of rot. Get real

Lots of people have adopted the use of bags designed to be used a number of times, our household certainly has. We have quite an eclectic range of bags which includes, Sainsburys, Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose, Costco, some charities, an Orla Kiely and of course one from Fortnum and Mason just for the hell of it. It’s fun to pack cheap but good quality food purchases from Aldi. Lidl or B&M into the F&M bag, or I should get out more?

The SNP want to be seen as being Green but when they try to, they just come out looking green behind the ears. It’s always a dangerous place to start from when greenies have provided the information. Just so you can make up your own mind here’s a wee link to some factual information.

No plastic bags? Well whilst we use our “life” bags we also get shop provided plastic ones every now and again. Why? Because we use them as bin liners. Interestingly, when the Irish banned plastic bags provided by shops, sales of bin bags went up over 400%. You see people reuse them. Okay the odd one or two might escape and go on to terrorise the surrounding countryside but it’s not an epidemic. Apart from the germs issue anyway.

What will happen when you go for a carry out curry? Take a reusable bag! Of course! Then the curry spills as it almost certainly always does in the bag. The bag is spoiled and has to be thrown away and a replacement bought. What happens when Steven comes to visit with his Waitrose van and carries your shopping into your kitchen? No plastic bags. Does he just spill everything out of the big green plastic boxes onto your floor? Does he use bags and you get charged? Do you have to provide bags to Waitrose? Do you have to buy bags for life from Waitrose so they can use those.

What about people who still have to use plastic bags for putting out their rubbish? It happens in town here. It means there aren’t any of those unsightly huge bins in the conservation areas.

Can’t we just, I say just but it’s a whopping big just, encourage people to take responsibility for their plastic bag use? Maybe set up clinics for them or support groups or monitor their use and try to provide them with bags from the state which do the same job but aren’t as nasty? Okay I jest but really come on.

Then we could do something really, really sensible (that’s never going to work). We could reduce the amount of packaging used for our food and such like. Less packaging at source! That would surely be cheaper for food manufacturers and distributors? It wouldn’t take up as much room on the shelves of stores would it? Also we could go through the checkout and then remove all the packaging we would normally do when we get home and leave it at the supermarket for them to get rid off! That would be fun. We’d need less bags.

I think we should all stop using reusable bags until the ban comes into effect. In fact I think we should all take as many bags as we can get away every time we go to any shop between now and the moment that the bag ban is law. That would build up a stock for us all and we could take them back and forward to the shops and use them again and again and then use them for bin liners etc. when they are deemed no longer fit for purpose.

To the SNP then. STOP trying to be green. It’s all so last Tuesday. It’s rarely based on any real and believable science. It’s normally driven by people who have something to gain. Adopting a green dictate usually results in consequences which cause greater problems for the environment else where.

Just STOP! Also explain why you think Scotland should join NATO when they have nuclear weapons, which you don’t like.

Just STOP doing the same things that Westminster does. Let the people in Scotland be independent of silly government nonsense. Encourage people to be responsible.

Just NO MORE green nonsense.

Starting NOW!


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