Jimmy Carr is a very bad man.

28 Jun

So Jimmy Carr gets it in the neck from a certain Mr David Cameron. As you are already aware Jimmy has been a very bad man, he hasn’t broken any laws, he’s just followed a precedent provided by hundreds and probably thousands of people who have lots of money. Not just those with lots of money either, lots and lots of people do it.


Mr David Cameron thinks this is morally wrong and no doubt we should roll our sleeves up and make sure that no one does this kind of thing ever, ever again. Let’s face it, Mr David Cameron has without doubt been “aware” of members of his wider family doing exactly this. Not to mention his hip friend from Take That who is a multi-millionaire having similar tax arrangements to Jimmy Carr. (Slight side issue, a multi-millionaire (GaryB) produced a tribute  song for a billionaire (Liz Windsor) which was performed by musicians, some of whom are significantly poor, was this moral)?

All people who have enough money to engage a tax specialist do it, have done it and will continue to do it within the bounds of the law. Jimmy has now stopped doing it because he recognised the error of his ways.  He is now a changed man although I doubt he’ll revert to paying tax at the whim of HMRC.

The other word used in connection with Jimmy was of course “hypocrite”. No, not because Mr David Cameron talked morals about tax avoidance but because Jimmy Carr was in a sketch about Barclays bank avoiding tax. Perhaps Mr David Cameron is somewhat irked that Jimmy Carr has made his own fortune by going on stage and making people laugh although that’s maybe a trait that they both share although one of them is more of a joke than the other.

As long as government waste billions, do not come clean on how and why taxpayers money is spent/wasted and politicians continue to take advantage of the public purse they can’t really mention the M word or words – money and morality.


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