That man Monbiot.

30 Jun

I’m pretty sure that the delaying of the increase in fuel duty has been popular with a great many people. A 3p increase in the price of a litre is bad news, not least because the economy is sluggish but also because the amount of duty levied on petrol, diesel and other fuels is ridiculous. It’s modern day highway robbery. If you want to drive you have to pay the Chancellor the duty and the VAT of course.

However, there are people who would be delighted to see the amount that a litre of fuel costs rise dramatically. They are of course the Greenies. One of their more strident members is of course Mr George Monbiot, a columnist with the Guardian. Mr Monbiot thinks it should be 30p that gets added. I’d imagine he’s pulled himself back from a much, much higher figure. Whilst not wishing to put words into his mouth, I’d imagine an increase of 300p would be heading in the right direction for George.

There’s one thing I’d like to say George. Next time you go into a petrol station to pay for fuel or the driver of the car you are sitting in goes to pay, pay the price for the fuel that you think it should be. A litre is around £1.28 currently so George you should pay £1.58 for it or £4.28, or any other wild and ridiculous amount you think is fitting.

At this point George would be saying that no purpose would be served by paying what he thinks is the correct price. The money would not be used for the development or subsidising of alternative fuels. But we have to do just that every single day, day after day, week after week, year after year. It’s levied on our energy bills as an additional cost, which is used to subsidise windmills and wave things, and solar panels etc. etc. We don’t have a choice. It just happens.

A few months ago George was rambling on about housing shortages. In Georges world old people and people with out children living at home were not downsizing so that people who needed homes with more rooms could not find properties of the right size. George feels that people should be “envourraged” to downsize or have to take in lodgers. Now it just happens that George lives in a larger property. I don’t have a problem with him living in a larger property, why should I? However, according to his own doctrine, he should either be downsizing or taking in lodgers. Of course he isn’t and he won’t.

George may well be a really nice guy who cherishes his beliefs and genuinely wants to see a better world going forward. It’s just that his ideas rely on more laws, regulations and dictats to make sure that the rest of us live the life he thinks is right whilst he may not absolutely live to the letter of them himself.

Not to worry. Global warming is happening all around us. People have been wading through it quite a lot recently. Climate change is alive and well as it has always been but man isn’t exacerbating it. George still thinks these are real threats to our existence though. A man made catastrophe. Pity that there is not a shred of real evidence, which confirms Georges beliefs.

But George is locked in along with the rest of his Guardian and BBC mates. They can’t suddenly stop going on about Global Warming or Climate Change because they’ve been doing it so shrilly for so long how would they explain their change of heart? Over time they will of course change. They’ll move on to “sustainable development” No one on the planet knows what that means or how it could ever be achieved. Unless of course we finally discover perpetual motion. We could use the example of the greenies who manage to perpetually get things wronger than a very wrong thing.

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