There’s no drought about it

14 Jul

The continuing upward trend from the BBC on climate change continues a pace. A few nights ago on their volcano watch programme, they touched on climate change after the presenter talked about how CO2 was wonderful for plant growth. After his positive words out came his mandatory add-on about too much CO2 being bad and causing climate change.

I felt this was a pretty interesting programme looking at volcanoes and informing that there are many active at any one time. They also discussed the different types of lava and how gases etc. behave. Quite informative, it was such a pity that the guy had to do his wee disclaimer bit on the end of the CO2 piece. He had to though or he wouldn’t have been asked back to present for the BBC in the future.

It should also be noted that this programme sees various BBC employees jetting all over the world. So much for carbon footprints etc. Now please don’t defend the BBC by saying they offset their carbon footprint. How could they? Buy shares in trees, which in future years use CO2 to grow? Oh come on. Yes they will but, that’s a long way off and this is now.

Next up the next morning on BBC radio1 and 2 news we hear that nice Mr Harrabin providing details from the governments Office of Climate Change who say that flooding will be far more prevalent in a few years and water shortages will also be much more frequent because of man made climate change.

Climate has always changed and always will. Any thoughts that man can make any difference to that is just complete nonsense. We are puny on a planetary scale although no doubt there will be those who think we are masters of all we survey.

However, the BBC actually did report factually on this subject for once although probably without realising they were. The same report included a statement which said that 40,000 homes had been built in areas where flooding might take place. Now that would significantly include flood plain development. Planning applications were provided by councils for developers to build on the land; the homes then got built and, lo and behold, it rains a bit more than normal and they are flooded. The council then go to central government for funding to build flood defenses

It’s also interesting that we are to have lots of rain and droughts, given we’ve been told that the reservoirs have been dry because we didn’t get enough rain during the winter to fill them. The real issue here is that the water boards have not invested in expanding storage, treatment and supply to meet a much higher population count. Then there’s the EU mandating that water should be more expensive?

If you made up a film plot with the above it would get laughed out of the cinema. No one would believe the various twists and turns and deceits involved in the Great Climate Scandal and the monster that is the EU.

For the BBC to continue parroting such complete propaganda provided by central government is usual but unacceptable. Do they, along with their global warming or climate change allies, believe in it or is it the societal change they wish to gain through it?

If people want societal change then stick to the democratic process, yes I know it’s not much a process and even less of a democracy. It would be more honest to do so, it would be in keeping with their apparent concern for not just the planet, which can manage by itself, but also for their fellow man

The change they seek would be to turn the clock back to a bygone agrarian time. This would benefit no one. Can’t we just move forward and use real science, which has real scientific facts, based on the scientific method? The human race is pretty good at finding solutions; I’d wager that we are much less good at finding phoney problems that we can’t ever truly address.


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