About Dave from Dave’s Bank.

19 Jul

Dave seems to be a very successful business man which is clearly obvious from the stuff he owns. There are a number of things which those who are successful like to buy and why shouldn’t they if they are self made or have been put in charge of a family business and greatly improved it.

I used to work for a successful businessman who sold his business for £4.5 million. He couldn’t really stay away from work, he had to be involved in the cut and thrust of running a business. He bought a few businesses and also invested in others, which gave him a fairly wide portfolio. He also was admitted into a fairly serious unofficial club because he was successful and because he had the money. Like all things however there was a pecking order, which saw him nearer the bottom than the top.

I went along to some of the meetings and the car park was something to behold. Wall to wall Bentleys, BMWs, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porches… You name it. I was very interested to see if all of these successful guys had a recipe for success. Of course there wasn’t one and could never be one. They were all different. Perhaps they shared confidence in themselves, enthusiasm and luck. Yes luck although maybe they made themselves luckier by being who they were.

For example a very well known and very rich chap had a close encounter with going bust in his early days. His biggest customer owed him £30,000 and one of his contacts at the clients took him aside one day and suggested he might want to get as much of that money in and reduce his exposure. He duly did that and not long afterwards the client went bust. It cost him a couple of thousand, bad enough, but he survived. He survived because he was liked and trusted and that got him the advice, which saved him from gong bust.

Anyway to Dave: Dave has a Ferrari F430 Spider, which cost some £120,000 when new and it’s his “statement” car. He also has a Land Rover Discovery, which is his down with the people car with a price tag of around £55,000 or more. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t also own a limo of some description although maybe he uses a rented driver and limo when he needs to.

His house looks pretty significant. A reasonable house with swimming pool, loads of bedrooms and bathrooms and a large garage will go over £1,000,000 pretty quickly. He also has a helicopter parked in his garage with a cost new of £220,000 and running costs of £150 per hour in use.

Dave will almost certainly have a watch costing anything between £10,000 and £40,000, he’ll have jewellery for himself and his wife, the jeweller will go to his house none of this walking into the shop nonsense. They will enjoy expensive holidays, eat at fabulous restaurants where the menu is a suggestion and they’ll have their food customised to suit them

Dave and friends who have put up the money to lend will not be doing so free of charge. They will be expecting something back. They may well be doing it in the same spirit as Dave but they won’t loan much, unless there’s a payback. It’s business after all.

Dave will also retain a PR person, he needs to do that so his name appears in the press and doesn’t when it isn’t a good idea. Not cheap but well worth it. The TV show probably came about with the PR people’s help, input or even suggestion.

Not all successful and wealthy people live this sort of lifestyle. My favourite very rich guy sold his business for £20,000,000. The buyer asked him how much he wanted and he plucked this amount out of the air. He could probably have got more than double but he was happy. I phoned to speak to him one day when he was at home. His wife had to go and fetch him as he was gluing the wing mirror back on his wives four year old Fiesta. He came into the office to see me one day and be had a huge thread pull on the back of his jacket. He had a party and the glasses didn’t match and he only offered people a drink when they arrived.

He wasn’t mean. He just didn’t think those things were important. He was a very nice man, a very nice man indeed.



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