Dont pay the plumber in cash!!!!

26 Jul

Plumbing the depths of the taxation system.

That Gauke chap has provided us with his insightful and ethical views on Tax. How nice was that? It’s immoral, apparently, for people to legally reduce their tax bill. Tax avoidance is very bad in a “straight to the burny fire” way. Tax evasion is very, very, very bad in a “dragged out into the street, beaten to a pulp and then hanged from the nearest lamp post” way.

Before gong any further, let me also mention that this highly moral chap has a wife who is a tax lawyer. Yes I know lawyers are generally taxing and other things as well. A tax lawyer is retained to ensure that the given client stays within the tax laws amongst other things. Will this, maybe, also ensure that the said tax bill could end up lower than might have been the case without the legal advice?

Anyway, everyone needs to pay the tax they are due to ensure hospitals stay open (isn’t PFI costing billions needlessly?), schools are maintained (isn’t there a huge long list of dilapidation due to years of neglect through a lack of spending tax receipts and also PFI?) and the police and fire brigade have the resources they require (they seem to have more toys, special needs and spanking salaries than seems necessary and fair).

Our taxes go to support the country. That is the governments projects such as cancelling military aircraft costing billions of pounds, PFI or whatever it’s called now costing billions of pounds, fighting overseas wars costing billions of pounds, staging the Olympics costing billions of pounds, please add to the list as you see fit… you know it will be a long one.

The taxes or the National Insurance part supposedly go towards the costs of the NHS and to provide pensions for all the people who are retired or will be retiring at some point soonish. It’s such a shame that successive governments haven’t actually saved any of the tax receipt or NI money for pensions. They just spent it like they do with every single penny they can possibly get their hands on and more of course.

Yes people should pay their taxes but at a rate, which is sensible and fair whilst the government should spend and invest the monies received with caution and responsibility. They don’t however. The levels of duty on fuel, alcohol and cigarettes, road tax, energy bills and everything else has long since gone over the reasonable level. Then there’s the small matter of the money thrown at the EU, MPs expenses and money provided to foreign nationals who come to live in Britain and who rely on money provided by the tax payer.

Now what about the plumber which Mr Gauke says should never be paid in cash since the VAT is lost to the country? If the government reduced VAT and taxation to a level, which was sensible and fair, this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s a well-known fact that the lower tax levels are set the more money is actually paid.

There are legitimate reasons for paying people in cash. A cheque takes at least three days to clear and even longer depending on what excuses can be made by the banks to hold on to people’s money. Cash still goes straight into your account in most banks although the RBS used to only allow access to it to the next day.

When things are tight, as they are now, we all need to tighten our belts and we will consider ways of saving money wherever we can. The criminal activities of the banks, who gambled with money they neither had nor could ever have, resulted in huge losses which have been transferred to the taxpayer. The banks privatise profits and socialise losses. What a jolly protected system for them to enjoy. Too big to fail or too big not to fail? The latter I suspect.

So, Mr Gauke, perhaps would serve the people of the UK better if he and the government and the establishment got their own house in order and stop dipping increasingly into taxpayers wallets and then wasting the proceeds.

He might also like to look up the dictionary and check what “hypocrite” means. Does he qualify perfectly considering the actions of your wife?


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