The reasons why Westminster will never allow Scottish Independence.

31 Jul

Could you stick with me for a few sentences with this one please? I’ll take it that you will then.

Can you imagine a moment in time when one of the major political parties in the UK were given the opportunity to follow a strategy which would ensure they would achieve power in future elections because their biggest opponents would no longer, or perhaps only rarely, be able to muster enough MPs.

What do you think they would do? Immediately embark on making the strategy a reality. Of course they would. They would be rushing into it. They would try to achieve this at the earliest opportunity. They would be hungry for it. Desperate for it.

And yet, just such an opportunity exists. The Conservative Party has just this opportunity. But are they doing anything about it? Surprisingly not. Why not? Because in so doing they would seriously and significantly wound England to such a degree that even their greed and lust for lasting power can’t even be contemplated.

So what is this remarkable opportunity? Scottish Independence. The English, along with the anglicised Scottish political system and establishment cannot afford to allow Scottish Independence to become a reality. The loss to the English Exchequer of the monies flowing from Scotland along with the loss of status as an oil based economy would hugely impact on England’s place in the world and it’s ability to continue spending at anything like current levels.

Like the vast majority of Scots I don’t wish the people of England any ill will. The problems that Scotland dislike are the same problems that the people of England also take issue with. Politicians and the establishment. All of these issues lie at the heart of the way the politicians and the establishment seek to abuse, control and threaten the people of the British Isles.

Do you consider this not to be the case? Is this a convenient sum of disparate events and possibilities carefully brought together to form an even more convenient conspiracy theory? Yes you say. It’s all tosh. Scotland does not pay its way and has to be subsidised. It has always been so. Peak oil is here so the North Sea is a busted flush. Scotland, without the support of England would fail very badly following a successful vote for Independence.

Then why should England feel it necessary to maintain Scotland financially? Why burden the English taxpayer with this additional cost? Doesn’t that seem odd? Why won’t the UK Treasury provide the details on how much taxation has been received from the Scottish sector of the oil exploration and production? Something to hide perhaps? No perhaps about it.

The investment in North Sea oil exploration and production has increased dramatically in the past year and it will increase even more as will the tax receipts to the UK Treasury. Peak Oil? 40 years is a long time for a peak is it not? That’s what the latest production timeline estimate is.

Back to the Conservative Party then. The Labour Party has managed to achieve majorities in the Palace of Westminster on the back of Scottish Labour MPs. To my mind that disenfranchises millions of English Conservative voters. The same is obvious in Scotland when a large Conservative majority results in a Conservative government in London.

So all the Conservative Party needs to do is support Scottish Independence, difficult when they also stand for the union being maintained. But, let’s be honest here, politicians can easily argue that black is white and vice-versa so rearranging the facts of the union argument can’t be that difficult? Especially, given the size of the prize for the Conservatives.

Unfortunately, for Scotland, Independence is but a dream. The UK could never allow it to happen. They have two years to wreck it and make it impossible. Sit back and watch it happen.

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