Glasgow Rangers, money and football fans.

17 Aug

The sports news last week included an item about the SPL not being able to pay large amounts of money to their teams because the television rights deals hadn’t been agreed quickly enough. Perhaps the powers that be within the SPL should have thought about that sooner then?

If they had sat down and worked something out more quickly with Rangers that would have helped. What they did though was pontificate and adopt the moral high ground as they saw it. Now it’s started to cost them money and there will be a lot more of that to come.

The Third Division teams may be in for some sort of sudden increase in gate receipts. The recent Cup game when rangers played East Fife netted East Fife £220,000 which is enough money to keep them in business for two years.

League games will be different however, with gate money being retained by the home club. All the third Division teams play each other four times during the full season with two home and two away games. That’s two occasions for each team to keep the gate money, which will be much larger than normal.

Bonus time for those wee clubs then. The real truth of it though is that outside a few SPL clubs few teams manage to attract big enough crowds of supporters to allow them to invest and grow. It’s really up to the clubs to attract fans and the fans to support their club.

I’m not really interested in what happens with Rangers one way or another. It would be better for Scottish Football if both Rangers and Celtic went somewhere else to play their football.

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