Honour killing? Murder you mean surely?

17 Aug

The horrific murder of a young muslim girl by her parents in full view of her siblings asked our society very difficult questions indeed. The cultural gap which highlights this barbaric practice has to be addressed and the full extent of the problem and the numbers of muslim girls who are subject to forced marriage, removal from the UK for the same reasons and in danger of “honour” types of punishment and murder must surely be investigated and actions taken to stamp it out.

But it’s cultural. It may well be but the people who perpetuate these attacks are subject to UK law. They might prefer to be subject to Sharia law but there is no legal right of Sharia law in the UK. Thankfully.

I recently mentioned Lame Tessa Jowells in a blog about the limpics and her view that they were detrimental to the rights of women athletes. I was wondering what her opinion is on the murder of girls due to “honour” attacks and murders?

Why isn’t she berating the muslim community in an attempt to have this issue recognised as serious? Whys isn’t she and others of similar opinions to herself pushing the police to address the issue? Why isn’t she meeting with the leaders of the muslim community to try to find ways of having these barbaric practices stopped?

Why are feminists so quiet on this subject? Is it because there is another race or another religion involved? Does that make it too complicated for them? Are their muslim sisters not worthy of their support and the muslim community not to be confronted to explain their stance on these attacks and murders?

It would seem to me that the imbalance of medal winning opportunities between men and women who take part in the limpics is small beer compared to female deaths, violence and disfigurement within a community in the UK.

The use of language in these cases does not help. There is nothing honourable about murder. No one can possibly justify such action regardless of culture.

In the recent case the Father, who killed his daughter, had lived a very western lifestyle, had married a western woman and who enjoyed all aspects of western social activities. Nothing hypocritical there then? One rule for the men and another for the women perhaps?

So again the question – why no huge outrage from feminists?

I’d really like to know and I assume so would those poor women who are facing forced marriages, the threat of violence or worse.


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2 responses to “Honour killing? Murder you mean surely?

  1. turkischland

    August 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    you look not realistic oder site have ever religions have problem look prist in christnty

    and child porno incest and oder ever human of contry of cloor of nation have some

    you make some individuel problem for black made hate islamofobi

    broders and sisters look oder site of ever culture and religions positif you look and you interpretions are made hate

    goodlook and go to holiday one of oder islamic land look turkey waiting you then see you

    ever lands divicel problemty

    • Tedious Tantrums

      August 17, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      Religion, colour, politics etc. all ave their problems. All ave carried out acts which have been atrocious. Many people have suffered dreadfully.

      It’s important that we use the correct words. It’s too easy for people to hide behind words which don’t describe the realities.

      Child grooming is another example. Paedophiles is the correct word.

      My barber comes from Turkey!

      Thanks for comment.


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