Big Brother is alive and well at WH Smith.

18 Aug

Some stuff comes along and it’s a bit of a surprise or it’s interesting but it’s not worthy of a blog post in itself. I thought I thought I’d do some blogettes as it were and post them in a very short sort of format.

Here’s something that was brought to my attention. It was Mrs TT herself who told me about an article she was reading on the success or otherwise of 50 shades of grey. She wasn’t reading the actual book(s) because they are guff apparently. Shouldn’t they be called Fifty shades of bruising? Just a thought.

Anyway, the article was based on information supplied by WH Smith who seemed to know an awful lot about how much of the books had been read by people who had bought ebooks from them. A lot of people had seemed to stop reading well before the end of the book.

Now, I don’t know about you but I immediately thought that this was surely a gross invasion of people’s privacy. It’s no business of WH Smith (now I know the W stands for Winston) to have the facility to check how much of a book each customer had read.  They had also had to have paid for and engineered an ebook system capable of being interrogated in such a manner which their marketing people thought was a wonderful idea.

I say people above but I really mean ladies. Oops!

Men read them as well though.


Probably secretly though eh?

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