The legacy from the limpic 2012 games…

19 Aug

The gifts from the games keep on giving.

The limpics were so successful that we are all to drop everything and take up sports and team sports in particular.

What’s a sport?

It’s something we do or watch in our spare time. That’s the time left after we’ve worked longer hours than we should because if we don’t we’ll end up in the gutter.

Golf? Darts? Bowling? Racing cars, motorbikes, power boats, planes, horses and dogs? Horse jumping? Walking very quickly in a strange manner? Hop, skip and jumping? Shooting, archery, fencing and fighting with fellow humans? Are these all a sports? Most of them don’t require exertion and that’s the point as far as the government is concerned really is it not?

Sport for the government is about getting fit. Why? Because people won’t get ill so often and that will save the economy and the NHS money. No mention of all the sporting injuries mind you, which will become a “drain” on the NHS if we all take up sport. There were quite a few injuries amongst the wonderful athletes from Team GB before and during the games after all, where there not?

Just say we do take up sports and we don lyrca and sweat a lot. Just say that in doing so we all start to be slimmer, fitter and don’t bother the NHS nearly as much. The result of which might be that the NHS budget could be reduced significantly. What do you think the outcome would be?

Would we see a significant reduction in everyone’s NI contributions? No of course not. Governments rarely reduce taxes after all. But politicians would say that we are healthier and that is more than enough reward and it’s a positive outcome.

If we are fitter and healthier, will we not live longer? Won’t that strike fear into the generous hearts of our politicians and the government as a whole? Wouldn’t that cost the country even more money? Of course it would. But they would then increase the age of retirement. Of course if they actually invested the money which they supposedly take as part of the NI contributions for future pensions instead of spending it immediately this might be less of a problem.

BBC Scotland had a two wee stories on the tea time news last week, both about the limpics and the resulting legacy. The first was asking if the elderly could participate in more sport and the second interviewed ladies in the street about their sporting intentions following the examples set by female athletes.

Older people were shown playing sports. Some of them were in the nineties and still playing sports. Well done them according to the BBC.

The ladies interviewed said yes they would be or might be doing more sports. Some said they wouldn’t be or they might, but not immediately, maybe, possibly, perhaps, you never know.

What a lot of complete guff.

If people want to take part in sport or exercise let them carry on and do it and if they don’t then leave them alone. Simple. The government, politicians and “experts” have far too much to say about EVERYTHING and maybe they should reduce exercising their gobs and butt out of our lives.

Mind you maybe they should all provide an example for us and don a bit of lycra themselves before participating in some sweaty sports. The BBC could film them whilst they did it and show it on the news?

There’s not much to laugh about on the news generally but I’m pretty sure that the sight of MPs wobbling along in Team GB lycra outfits could well lighten the mood at the end of each news broadcast.

Now that is a definite positive result!


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