Empty seats at the limpics!

20 Aug

I couldn’t help noticing that there were a lot of empty seats at the limpics. Nice uncle Seb said it wasn’t his fault it was the bad limpic family what didn’t appear. Teressas Jowells said it was up to Seb to sort out and he did a bit, maybe probablyish!

The lottery for the tickets wasn’t well received and some people seemed to win a lot more than others. Take the Windsors or the young ones at least. They won the lottery big time! They wandered from one arena to the next sitting in the best seats no matter how busy or not it was. Are they part of the limpic family? Maybe? Probably not.

Wills and wife, brother Harry, Princess Anne, the Duke of Edinburgh and on and on. Not to mention Cameron who looks very athletic to me. (Stay away from the kids sports day Fathers race Dave it might be the end of you if you run again). There they were sitting in the best seats with the best view. Not to be outdone though was Mr Beckham. He was there with them sometimes and sometimes not.

Sometimes he was with Uncle Seb and sometimes he was with that other very honest and hard working chap Mr Culture, Mr Media and Mr Sport himself Jeremy Hunt. He had to be there of course because it’s his job. It says sport in his job title and the limpics are in fact sport. No problem there then.

He maybe had to forgo some of his Mandarin lessons, which the tax payers were providing for him so he could no doubt converse better with his in-laws. No matter because he can always get more at the taxpayers expense. Aren’t the limpics also at the taxpayer’s expense? I do believe they are my dear Watson!

Seb popped up at various times looking nervous. That’s because his nice wee earner of a job was about to go pop. Ah, but he didn’t reckon for nice Mr Cameron. Mr Cameron insisted that he stay in place and work hard at making sure that the legacy of the games were delivered. Obviously Seb will have to be paid and at a rate which is in keeping with his major status. No problem though because the taxpayer can afford it.

He’ll need offices and other people to help him I’d imagine and he’ll probably be doing a lot of travelling. He’ll have to go and see how other countries do things, countries, which are warmer than the UK, and as such he’ll need to have a very splendid hotel room and restaurant and he’ll need more room on the planes so first class should suit just fine.

I’m worried about Mr Beckham though. What’s he to do? Nice taxpayers job in the offing? Not as far as we know. He may have to do a few more adverts then. I’m sure there are still one or two brands he hasn’t advertised as yet. I’m sure he’ll fall on his feet though. He’s that kind of guy and there’s always the possibility of a knighthood? He has an OBE already but they are so last Tuesday.

Somehow I doubt he’ll starve.


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