That man from the Guardian he says YES!!!!

20 Aug

Yes I was wrong about nuclear power and YES I was wrong about peak oil. Oh well that’s okay then. If George Monbiot makes a mistake he is big enough to admit it.

The thing is he has got so much of it wrong. He desperately holds onto the global warming scam. He’s supposed to be a clever man, he says he reads loads of scientific papers, and he says that the world is going to fry because we all drive our cars too much and we are wasting the earths resources. He says other stuff too but you will be aware of this and have probably read some of his opinions.

Nuclear power is a no-brainer if you believe that CO2 is responsible for warming the planet although it’s not and the planet isn’t warming and hasn’t been for more than ten years now. But lets carry along the path of nuclear power for a moment at least. Nuclear power doesn’t emit CO2. It does generate loads of electricity and it produces some nasty waste. To put it into perspective the amount of nuclear waste produced by the amount of energy required to power an average house with two adults and two children living there is a thimble full. Yes that’s all.

Okay there would be a lot of thimble fulls if we added the whole population together. Obviously, nuclear only provides 15.7% of the energy required by UK consumers but that’s still a lot of thimbles. Not to worry though because the latest nuclear power stations produce much, much, much lower amounts of waste. We don’t have any here although the nuclear generated power we buy from France is partly generated by these cleaner power stations.

Of course our friend George has already come out of the nuclear closet and fessed up that he was wrong that nuclear power had no part to play in energy generation. It’s okay to change your mind, we all do from time to time but it’s not so clever if you have been shrilly and arrogantly lecturing people about how wrong they are and how their actions and preferences are endangering future generations.

Now we have his “peak oil is a lie” moment of realisation. The level of oil reserves now know is huge and points to more being found giving us decades worth of oil to keep the lights on and the wheels turning. The “peak” thing was initially a ploy by those producing oil to push the price up and then became a political tool to hit us all over the head with.

The thing with both nuclear power and peak oil is not so much that George got it wrong, it’s because he allows his politics to blind his ability, which he claims he has, to look at the evidence and recognise when there are vested interests at work. In some occasions the vested interest is his own.

Now we are all guilty of doing this but we don’t make a career out of denigrating the opposition with our views, from the safe, protected and personally profitable edifice of the Guardian newspaper. We don’t have the option to be able to appear on various BBC programmes and grandstand our viewpoints either. We do tend to stick to listening to people with views similar to our own however, which is probably not a good thing generally.

Here’s a nice link, which you may find refreshing. Also bear in mind that this is from the USA edition not the UK version although the article might reach the UK edition, possibly, maybeish, soonish?

Then again maybe not.


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