What is the capital of Scotland?

21 Aug

That’s not a hard question is it? We learnt it at school did we not? It’s not moved has it? It’s not been deleted from the map? The Scottish parliament building hasn’t been dismantled and taken somewhere else?

Nope. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. There are some who think that this shouldn’t be the case although I’m not sure what their case is for saying this. Scotland has had a few capitals over all the hundreds of years but Edinburgh is the present one and will remain so.

There are organisations that don’t seem to think this should be the case. The BBC for example and STV also for that matter; they have both build very swish buildings in Glasgow in the past few years. They are next to the river, beside the Science Museum and over the river from the Armadillo and the SeCCCCCC. Why?

The Scottish Parliament and the Scotland Office buildings are in Edinburgh so it follows that the big political names go there, work there and perform there. They get interviewed there too. You see Westminster MPs being interviewed outside the UK parliament on the grass over the road or in the BBC building which is just beside Westminster. They don’t go all the way to Birmingham to do it.

I think the Labour Party in Scotland have had something to do with this. They are mainly west of Scotland based. Their power base is Glasgow. They would prefer that Glasgow was the capital of Scotland.

The latest wheeze is for the Scottish limpic athletes from Team GB to parade through Glasgow because Glasgow is the Sports Capital of Scotland. What nonsense. Glasgow and sport? What does everyone think about when Glasgow and sport are mentioned? Rangers and Celtic and the dreadful religious divide that this represents and which is a blot on Scotland as a whole.

Sure they are holding the Commonwealth games there in 2014. Good luck to them the athletes who take part and the council taxpayers who will have to foot the bill. They have an indoor track and an outdoor stadium, which is on the small side a bit and a some big football stadiums for sure.

The blight of poverty and deprivation in Glasgow and much of the surrounding area is the responsibility of the Labour Party. Sure manufacturing and the traditional industries which made Glasgow a wonderful city were decimated by the Tories in the 70s in particular, but the Labour Party was in government following that period and did very little to address the issues.

They imported low rent, low skill, and low esteem call centre types of jobs, which were of little use to the traditional workforce. Lots of people still work in these sorts of jobs but they aren’t going to be big enough and produce skills and expertise, which the world will want to buy.

The Commonwealth games will attract little in the way of new jobs and investment in Glasgow. Call me Dave told the world, during the limpics, that London and the UK were open and ready to do business. Not a lot will happen from that either.

To be fair the EU is stuck in a downward spiral. 40% of the goods and services sold by the UK go to customers in the EU. So that’s 40% of the export market, which is shrinking. The other 60% of the world is generally ploughing on at a good rate of knots. Well apart from Obama’s USA anyway. There’s no immediate sign of large numbers of people rushing out to win new clients outside the EU.

Our friends in the Commonwealth are okay about playing with us but they aren’t that keen to trade with us. Well would you if your main trading partner went and found new mates and then didn’t want to know much about you thereafter?

Edinburgh is the Scottish capital. It should be the place where Scotland wide stuff is held and celebrated. That’s not to exclude any other part of Scotland and not to try to make Edinburgh like London.

Edinburgh is a beautiful, wonderful and dynamic place to live. It has it’s ghettos, drugs problems and the most inept and out of touch Council and councillors in the UK and probably most of Europe. But none of that changes the fact that it is the CAPITAL city. Pay attention Glasgow!


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