The A9 is a dangerous road.

21 Aug

That sounds like it should be a title for a Stephen King book. A road that is dangerous. It can kill and maim. Well yes it can but not in a malevolent possessed manner.

The Police answer is to be hard on the motorists who use the A9. Of course that is their response to any and every aspect of policing roads and drivers. Teach them a lesson. Fine them. Take away their driving license!

I used to visit Lincolnshire about three times a week for almost two years. The police in Lincolnshire were running a campaign to stop speeding and to reduce the number of fatalities on the roads in their area. They also had signs up telling you how many accidents had occurred on the road you were on etc.

They seemed to be reducing accidents and then they suddenly went up again. It’s like there were a statistical amount of accidents on a given road and sometimes they went down and sometimes they went up (11 killed in a minibus accident) due to weather, local events, changes in car safety etc. (In winter they didn’t grit the roads that much which I found out one morning as the car let go on a long bend although I missed the scenery and other vehicles thankfully).

In the better weather I was photographed on the motorway doing 85 mph. Yes that was above the speed limit. With no police present, cars zipped along there at 90 mph most days. My barrister was very surprised that I was being done for 85 mph. He knew the motorway well. He got a copy of the photograph showing me in my car and the speed I was doing taken by the camera in a van.

What it also showed was a white van a couple of feet behind me. Interestingly the white van man was in court in Doncaster just before me. He had been clocked at 108 mph! He was fined £150 and got three points. I was fined £500 and docked three points. You see the fine is based on how wealthy you are not on the actual crime. My barrister was livid and wanted to appeal. I paid and left. I couldn’t risk them getting even heavier with me.

Back to the A9. Yes it is a dangerous road and it’s dangerous because it hasn’t been upgraded as traffic has increased and Inverness has become more of a place to go etc. The people who used and continue to use the A9 pay their road taxes and their fuel duty but the Westminster government don’t spend it on roads. Oh no, what a waste that would be. So we are left with a road which is not fit for purpose.

It should, of course, be made into a dual carriageway all the way from Perth to at least Inverness. It is going to be and of course you knew that. It will take years though. Meantime the dangerous A9 will continue to be just that.

The police will do their thing and fine people and put points on their licence. What a good deal for the government. They don’t invest in the road but they do take money from drivers because they haven’t upgraded the road.

Just fix the A9. Do it now. Take the money out of the shooty war chest, or the shiny nuclear submarine fund or cancel the second aircraft carrier, or reduce costs in other silly areas of government. They can’t though because they don’t know how.


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