Help for Heroes (H4H).

22 Aug

Isn’t it about time that the scandal that is H4H is dealt with? What scandal you say? They do great work you say? I don’t disagree. They do.

The scandal is that they, and similar organisations, should have to exist at all. The government recruits people for the armed services, buys them guns and stuff and then sends them into a war. The people who signed up follow orders, take the money and go on active duty.

Whilst on active duty they are killed or injured. The government then brings them home patches them up a bit and then leaves them to get on as best as they can; hence the need for H4H. This is not just disgraceful it’s shows a degree of arrogance which is hard to understand.

The government having used these injured people have a continuing duty to them and their families, a duty of care. The government doesn’t do anything about this however. The government just recruits more people. The injured and bereaved just have to manage as best as they can. They took the Queens shilling after all.

If a member of the armed services is killed or injured the government should immediately support them and make sure that they can live the best life possible within the bounds of their injuries or grief for the rest of their lives. That’s fair. That’s how armed service personnel should be treated is it not?

The wars fought recently aren’t the Napoleonic wars. Military tactics and weaponry have improved dramatically since then but the after care of injured armed service personnel has not improved to nearly the same extent. Sure the hospitals and medics are much better at saving and healing people but the after care is just  – out of sight out of mind – by the government.

Instead of supporting these charities we should be shouting very loudly indeed, for the government to take responsibility. We shouldn’t be donating money to charities to help injured armed service people. We already pay our taxes, which the government spend in part on big shiny guns, missiles and other such stuff, which they deploy in their wars.

The budget for fighting wars should include the cost of looking after the wounded properly and for as long as it takes. Maybe the budget would need to be so big they wouldn’t be able to afford to go to war.

Good deal for us all then!

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