Johnnies, jets and Scottish folk.

22 Aug

I’ve already mentioned the Edinburgh Festival is on at the moment. Wall to wall Johnny Foreigners obviously and it is subsequently a slow process getting anywhere.

The tattoo is in full swing. I know this because I hear the fireworks every night apart from Sunday and twice on Saturday night. It’s no big deal. Mrs TT and I went to see the Poozies at the Queens Hall last night. They had changed their line up a bit with Patsy no longer present and a cellist and a percussionist adding to a bigger, wider sound. It was a good gig. Scottish traditional folk mixed with the current modern take which Mrs TT and I enjoy.

The next gig isn’t for a few weeks but it’s Lau. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff, missed them on Sky art coverage of the Cambridge Folk Festival a couple of weeks ago and don’t like Scottish folk music I’d put that aside and give them a listen. The musicianship is amazing, the sound complex and an overall joy and their version of Scottish folk music miles away from what you’d expect. I expect them to win the BBC2 Folk Awards later this year with The Unthanks, well worth a listen, winning some stuff too.

Back to the Tattoo. It’s on every night apart from Sunday as I said and one of the other features has been a fly over by RAF jets. Again this has been happening for years. This year started of with two Tornadoes and two Typhoons flying over. It was noisy but it only lasts for a few minutes and they’re gone.

Someone complained. Someone in Portobello complained about the noise as they got a fright because they didn’t know what it was and thought it might be a plane crashing or a plane attacking Edinburgh. Well you would wouldn’t you? Well you would if you were of a nervous disposition or you were paranoid or you believed all the terrorist threat provided by the government guff.

The result was of course predictable. The jets stopped. Then they came back again but only two tornadoes this time. One night they arrived with their afterburners on which makes a fabulous noise although LOUD.

Over the past few nights there have been no jets at all, more people complaining?

How sad it is that a small number of people can have an impact on something like this. What’s the harm? It only lasts a few seconds.

Will they complain about the one o’clock gun now too?

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