Question Time

24 Aug

Another week and another load of waffle is issued by the NO campaigners to Scottish independence.

Firstly though, you’ll have heard that Call me Dave has decreed that no further fiscal powers will be devolved to Scotland if the independence vote result is a no. It’s only a matter of a few short weeks since Call me Dave said he “would” provide more fiscal powers. No surprise really. The last thing we want is politicians stating their intentions and sticking to them. That would never do now would it?

Anyway, on to Question Time. No this isn’t about that dire BBC propaganda programme which is loaded to ensure Left bias, it’s the attempt by the NO campaigners to Scottish Independence to dictate what the question on the referendum ballot paper should say. The NO camp in Scotland set up a “panel of experts” who recommend that only a single question should be on the ballot paper and it should be – “Scotland should become an independent state: I agree/I do not agree.”

State? Come on guys “country”. Country is the word if we were going to go down your road and very obviously we most certainly are not. If clarity is your driver then country is your word, not state.

The SNP question is – “Do you agree that Scotland should become an independent country?” Sounds good to me. Simple. Yes or no. Easy.

The NOs don’t like that though. It’s a question which leads. It points voters towards Yes. They can’t have that. They can’t have two questions either and handbags are now out for a spot of girly fighting by the macho politicians in the next few weeks.

One question only and this is the wording according to the NOs. If the Scottish government don’t agree then Westminster won’t provide the legal powers necessary to allow the referendum to go ahead, or of it does without their say so they will dispute the result and fight through the courts.

Now that sounds like a major threat too far. The Scottish voters voted the SNP into power knowing that a referendum on Scottish Independence would take place. Are the NOs and the Westminster clique really going to go against a democratically supported policy? It was in the manifesto and the SNP Scottish government are sticking to the commitment that this represents.

I’m sure this type of approach is pretty unfamiliar to the Westminster crew. The EU Referendum promised by call me Dave was put aside although it was in his manifesto and people voted for his party with the understanding it would happen. It hasn’t and it won’t.

The Scottish Independence Referendum will go ahead and will be based on the same system used for the UK parliament elections. That means first past the post. No percentage turnout lines to cross. No percentage of the Scottish population lines to cross.  Just simply, has YES or NO got the most votes.

The Labour Party in Scotland, who are not a unionist party, want Scotland to stay in the union. If Scotland gains Independence it’s goodbye to the gravy train and the Westminster perks for not just the labour MPS from Scotland it’s probably going to seriously damage the possibility of the Labour party in England to get back into power. Remember that Scottish Labour MPs greatly enhance the number of Labour MPs in Westminster.

It’s odd that Johan Kranky seems to think that she can “press Salmond to agree to a cross-party deal on the question when all the party leaders next met”. She’s another one who has mislaid the ability to deliver manifesto promises. The SNP have a good-sized majority and silly whining like this just won’t get Johan anywhere.

Whilst there are a huge number of issues, which need to be, clarified and addressed such as Trident, the green agenda, the EU, currency, the Head of State etc. etc. the main thing is achieving Independence.

Let’s concentrate on that alone at least for the meantime.


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2 responses to “Question Time

  1. argylesock

    August 25, 2012 at 10:04 am

    I probably don’t agree with much of what you say here but I’m not going to launch into a discussion about it. Just want you to know that I’m glad you’re blogging about this.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      August 25, 2012 at 10:25 am

      Thanks for your comment I appreciate them all whether it’s agreement or not.

      I was hoping that people might look in to things a bit further. You could do worse than to ponder two central points. The first is the McCrone report from the 70s which looked at the effect oil would have on Scotland as an independent country and also to consider why the Treasury declines to provide the actual figures which relates to oil duty received from the Scottish sectors of the North Sea.


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