A run out to South Queensferry.

25 Aug

There’s a tradition in the UK that when the weather is good people drive out and park somewhere beside water. Any sort of largish amount of water will do the job but that obviously depends how near to a decent bit of water you live. What happens to those who aren’t that close to water? Maybe they go and park up at a highish point and gawp at the view, such as it is.

Mrs TT and I do the driving out to a bit of water thing. Usually we go to South Queensferry and park down at the car park between the two bridges. Once there we might read our books, gawp at the bridges, maybe get an ice-cream or, on other occasions, we might walk along the High Street.

We are not alone in this. Lots of people do it at various times throughout the year. Young and old, Grannies and grand-children, families, young couples, motorcyclists, Johnnies, etc. It’s changed a bit over the years mind you. The Council (Edinburgh of course) have organised the parking so there are fewer spaces.

Cruise ships drop their passengers off there as well and they are bussed into Edinburgh. There are a couple of boats that do trips out, people bring their boats and Hound Point oil terminal has a bit of traffic too. It’s quite peaceful, well apart from the loud motorbikes, the gulls and the odd train, which goes over the Forth Bridge.

My fist job was in South Queensferry at the bank in the High Street. It was a good place to work. When people asked me where I worked I used to the “The Ferry” which is what local people refer to it as. Of course when I said that people assumed I worked on some sort of boat. In reality I get seasick if I walk through a small puddle.

The back of the bank was right on the river and we could look out over the water when we were working. At that time Rosyth was an operating Naval Base so you’d see the odd warship and submarines going by. That’s pretty much gone now.

The Ferry is known for the Burryman. The middle Saturday of August is Ferry fair time and it’s traditional for the Burryman walks around the High Street on Friday night. At this time the cars and bumped from the parking area and a fun fair is set up there. The big wheel sort of sticks out over the water a wee bit, which is interesting.

I’ve always wondered why nothing more has been made of the parking area. Why haven’t they made it bigger? Why haven’t they encouraged attractions? Why aren’t they trying to attract more visitors who will spend more money in the town?

The big wheel could be made bigger and made to stick out much further over the water. That could be fun. Maybe a more permanent fun fair could be built there as well. They could throw caution to the wind and build a pier. Now that would be interesting. People could walk out over the Forth, maybe they could have entertainment in the form of a theatre on the pier too?

They are supposed to be considering putting a viewing platform on the top of the railway bridge. That could be fun, it would certainly attract johnnies?

They are also busy building a visitors centre at the south side of the road bridge, which should provide great views of all three bridges once the new one amounts to more than three enormous pipes sticking out of the water.

They’d have to be careful though with all these new attractions. Quite a few people go to South Queensferry and park beside the water to bring in the New year. They’d need to keep a facility for that to happen.

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