Saturday evening lottery with an X Factor thrown in

25 Aug

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The build up to Christmas starts with the return of The X Factor to our TV screens. I’d have thought that the format was pretty much dead in the water. The arrival of Britain’s got talent, which is a low rent version of The X Factor, and the Voice, which is a hybrid of the two, would have exhausted the rich seam of talent, which is out there. Not a bit of it according to the people on the programmes anyway.

I can’t remember seeing the girl band that won last year popping up anywhere. I can’t remember who won the previous shows pretty much. The judges are the same and Louis is still there. How? Who knows. Comedic value?

I don’t mind the initial auditions. There’s something voyeuristic watching people demonstrate their talent or lack of it as the case may be. I’m not keen seeing some of the poorer people trying out. They obviously have no talent and have been egged on by supposed friends and the X Factor people. Some of them should be quietly and supportively helped to the exit rather than being allowed on stage and subsequently TV

We have the Susan Boyle experience to also consider however, she looked nothing like the part but when she started singing we all cringed at being so judgmental. Looking nothing like how a star should look is now no barrier for trying out.

There were at least two or three people last week who fell into this category. One a boy singer, Jahmene Douglas, with a huge range, another chap, Curtis Golden, playing guitar and singing and a girl, Ella Henderson, who writes her own songs all looked pretty good. They all didn’t fit the star image but there’s time. There’s also time for them to fail at boot camp also.

There are many weeks to go. Lots of weeks. More weeks than anyone can actually stand or will remember who was good or bad. I won’t be watching many of them if at all.

At the moment we still have to put up with limpics legacy. Get more people doing more sports? The thing is, whilst this may have a temporary effect on sporting activities it’s not much a money-maker for the UK as a whole, which is by far the most important “factor” at the moment.

Music makes a huge amount of money for the UK economy and has done since 1963/4.  Some X Factor winners have contributed to this and still do but not in any meaningful way like Queen. The Police/Sting, Adele, Amy Winehouse, The Who, Pink Floyd, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Coldplay, David Bowie, Radiohead etc.

Who will be nest to be added to the list? Maybe someone who comes through not by endless gigging and years of hard slog? Perhaps it’s like winning the lottery on a Saturday night. If they keep going with the X factor they may well win by finding a real musical star although the odds are on the pretty long side.



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