Obamas college records.

27 Aug

Much has been made, in the UK press, about the Democrat Party in the USA challenging Mitt Romney to publish more of his tax returns. Obama was calling for this in past few days. He feels candidates lives should be honest and open to the American people so that they can make their own minds up about what they hear, within reason anyway.

That sounds pretty fair apart from the fact that Obama hasn’t exactly been a glowing example of this himself. Then there was all the controversy of the Birth Certificate which was eventually produced but doubts surround it’s authenticity.

Do you have a copy of your birth certificate in a file somewhere? Of course you do. Most people do and if you mislaid it you could get another one, which isn’t as good as the original, but still shows the original entry in the Registrars book. No big deal.

Would you think it odd if the Registrar couldn’t provide you with a copy? Would you think it odd if the Registrar couldn’t find a copy of your birth certificate? Apparently in Hawaii this was the case until they suddenly found and release a copy of Obamas.

Anyway, a call has gone out from the Republican Party for Obama to provide his college records in the same fashion as the request for Romneys tax returns. Why? Because there is something of a gapping hole in Obamas history of which his college history are important. There’s also the fact that he has spent millions of dollars locking down and sealing his past.

A few months ago a telephone poll was carried out which contacted 400 students who were in Obamas year group at college. There was only one question – did you know or know of Barrack Obama when you were at College. No one, yes NO ONE, had heard of him. Even if his other names were used no one had heard of him never mind been friendly with him or shared a class with him.

There might be good reasons for that?

Another student who was in Obamas year group and who took political classes also says he didn’t know Obama and had never heard of him. He thinks he may have the answer. You might like to take a look at the following video. It’s made by Wayne Allan Root.

It’s self explanatory. There has been little reporting of this in the UK media, which is fine if it were down to the fact that American politics aren’t that important, really. They haven’t been reported because the UK media only report pro-Obama news.

Has Obama delivered what he said he would since he was elected. No. The excuse is that things were so bad when he took office it’s going to take a lot longer to clean up than first thought. Really? Maybe?

Let’s see how far this particular part of the story will run.

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