X Factor Auditions 2 2012

27 Aug

I missed the first few minutes of this week’s show, which didn’t seem to have contained anything of real interest. I’m not counting Rylan Clarke as a serious participant, even the X factor expects some talent involving music to which the performer is contributing. Good sense of humour mind you. There’s always the weird vote right enough but I doubt it.

However, there were a few moments later on which were interesting and perhaps point to the type of performer that this years show is aiming to identify. The four stand out auditions of the first week were all capable of singing, playing and instrument and composing. This would be a departure from just looking for the best voice, personality and looks which has been the strategy for all those years.

Perhaps the Voice has had an influence on Simon and made him or his producers consider where they sit in the TV talent show genre. Can it be called a genre? The X factor is on screens for the longest time in this genre, be it episode times or weeks. The long number of weeks allow the X Factor to nurture and develop to a much greater degree then any of the other shows and this might fit in well with choosing more creative people although there is always going to be a place for those with exceptional voices.

Kye Sones sang his version of a Rita Ora song, which impressed her given that she was one of the judges.

Lucy Spraggan delivered a really good fun song, which she had written herself and played guitar. The lyric was very wordy, almost to the point of being a rap but it was cleverly structured and struck a cord with a large segment of the audience. Even snarly Nasty Spice smiled. Good grief.

James Arthur filled the “hard luck” quota, which the X Factor likes so much. To be fair he seems to have a fairly troubled life so far. Anyway, he did a very unusual personal version of on of Tulisa song.

I can’t help noticing that a small brown animal has taken up residency on Louis head. And why not…

Simon has been busy signing up athletes to act as mentors for the TV show finalists. Mo Farah, Tom Daly, Jenifer Ennis etc. etc. There was me thinking it was a talent show too. Determination, talent and a huge desire to succeed.

There you are. It only took a few seconds. We’d all be stars if we did that and wanted it enough. If I followed those three words I’d be sitting here writing my latest in a series of huge selling books, thinking about the next movie I’m going to direct to add another Oscar and somehow squeeze in the writing and recording of my latest album which will go on to be the greatest selling album ever.

Oh well…

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