Another week another diet.

28 Aug

A couple of years ago Mrs TT and I decided it was way past the time that we should get fit and lose weight. We were, and are still, not a pair of lardies but we felt it would be good, health wise, for us to lose a bit of weight.

We tried the gym, which worked initially but took up far too much time and didn’t really make the difference we wanted. So we turned our attention to dieting. I should say that we enjoy the odd meal out or brought in and we especially like the café culture that is popular in Edinburgh.

Mrs TT cast her net and came up with the Dukan Diet. If you are not familiar with this particular diet it’s based on eating proteins one day and mixing vegetables and protein the next. Basically we paid for the length of time we would be on the diet to reach the weight we wanted.

For the payment we got access to the website and Dr Dukan sent us personal messages (yeah right) everyday based on what we put in our diaries the day before. It worked pretty well for us although there didn’t seem to be an end in sight really. We got down to our target weights and over the next few months slowly put back on a lot of the weight we lost. Yes you’ve been there too.

A few weeks ago we decided it was time to lose the weight we’d gained and that we would find a diet that might be easier to live with and which would be “sustainable”. (That has to be the most misused and tedious word in the English language at the moment!)

We saw the “fasting” diet programme on BBC which featured Michael Mosley. That’ll do for us. Decision made and off we go.

So on day one of the diet a female has 500 calories and a male 600 calories maximum to use. It’s surprising how little food that actually is. It’s something of a challenge to spread the calories throughout the day although it’s manageable. On day two we can eat whatever we like. We just keep repeating this; day one is a down day and day two is an up day.

We’ve lost about 2-3lbs each in just over a fortnight, which is a reasonable rate, and it’s likely that we will lose more weight more quickly for a few weeks as we get used to the diet.

Interestingly the diet has also reduced my blood pressure. The diet seems to benefit health in general so we shall see what else happens.

I think we will be on the diet for some time although we can increase the down day calories if we aren’t looking to lose much more weight. Down days with little calories and up days with the calories we decide on isn’t so bad. Some people do five up days and two down.

Would my Scottish Granny be spinning in her grave? Clean your plate and keep to a balanced diet where her watchwords.

Maybe but then things were different in her day.


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2 responses to “Another week another diet.

  1. Susan McLaren (@missyclaren)

    August 28, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Excuse me, I think you’ll find Mrs TT has lost something closer to 8lbs!! (She’s starving right now….)


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