IPhone and IPad imminent new models

29 Aug

We are probably around two weeks away from the arrival of the latest Apple IPhone and possibly three weeks away from the arrival of the new small Apple IPad. There are two events being put together by Apple and it they won’t just be about slight tinkering here and there with their mainstream offerings.

The latest IPhone is a few months late and for this model we have been able to see a lot of how it will look and even see some of the bits inside. The screen will be bigger but not by much and certainly not as big as the Samsung Galaxy 111S. The back looks like it will be brushed aluminium and some of the sockets and cameras will have moved a wee bit.

Biggest change will be that of the USB connector/charger. The new phone will have a much smaller socket and any existing cables you have won’t fit. The most important change inside will of course be the new antenna, which will no longer rely on the casing. This should finally solve the lack of signal or poor signal, which all IPhone users have had to live with.

A lot of IPhone users are now out of contract and there are more of the networks which now sell the IPhone. There may be some improved tariffs on offer so it’s worth keeping an eye open for those. Whilst there will be a rush and queues etc. for people to upgrade to the new IPhone I’m not so sure it will be as frenetic as it has been in previous years.

The new IPad which may or may not happen will probably have a 7” screen size and will probably compete with the Samsung Galaxy 111S as an internet devise at least. The existing IPads are all maybe a bit too heavy which is mainly due to the glass screen so the smaller size should also reduce the weight. A smaller IPad will also compete with the eBook devices and could also replace the IPod Touch range of music/video and gaming devices.

The momentum has been lost somewhat at apple, which had to happen sooner rather than later, regardless of the death of Steve Jobs. It may be that Apple will regain that momentum but will they ever see again the likes of the period when the IPhone and IPad rolled out and started completely new markets?

Lets hope they do. Lets hope they get their new, out of London, flagship store open in Princes Street Edinburgh before Christmas. That’ll save the odd trip to Glasgow.


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2 responses to “IPhone and IPad imminent new models

  1. Rob Skinner

    August 29, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Wow, have you come across prototypes in a bar? If not, all this is pure rumour!

    • Tedious Tantrums

      August 30, 2012 at 7:35 am

      “pure rumour”.

      It’s my interpretation of the information which has been coming out for a while now, based on my experience of the computing industry over more than thirty years.

      One of the prototypes of the Iphone4 was on ebay recently. I think the buy it now price was $50,000 .

      Thanks for your comment Rob.


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