The limpics are finished but here come the plimpics!

30 Aug

He’s a busy man that Seb Coe. He single handedly planned and ran the limpics and now here is doing the same for the plimpics! Does his family ever see him? Does he have time to eat? He has all that time to put towards meeting and greeting the great and the good like leaders of countries, royalty and slebs, oh yes, and all those athletes.

I’m not altogether sure he’s been meeting with Call me Dave though. If he has, either he’s been very diplomatic or his eyesight is failing him badly. Call me Dave bunged Seb the job of making sure that the “legacy” of the limpics, shortly to be joined with the “legacy of the plimpics, is maintained. If you saw the pics of Call me Dave on his hols at the beach you may have noticed he maybe taking up sumo wrestling as his favourite “legacy” sport.

It’s not his fault obviously, good grief no. He as a country to run, he has lunches and dinners to attend and he gets whisked about in a bomb proof car even if he just pops next door. Not his fault. No. I won’t let it be said. It’s not as if he’s lecturing us all to get fit, eat less, eat better, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, try not to breath or if you absolutely have to, do it for the smallest time possible.

It wasn’t a pretty pic. He was mostly covered but enough was left exposed to be recognised, by those of us who have been there, as lardy, bloater or fat. Let’s be generous and use Call me Dave and his friends language. He is obese. He may even be morbidly obese. BMI? Heading off the scale. Lecture from Doc and anyone else working in his practice including the receptionists who always know way more about medicine than the Docs.

In the short term Call me Dave, please get a bigger towel and try not to get your kit off apart from in your own marital bedroom, preferably with the lights off.

Talking about people getting their kit off what about the Prince Harry pics. I’ve not seen them. Hey, life’s way too short for that kind of drivel. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas apparently unless you are a British Royal then it doesn’t stay, it flies around the world by first class and in full colour. This gives new meaning the Las Vegas strip!

His Grandmother is pretty ticked since she doesn’t really want to see his bits at all never mind on a full colour double spread feature in a tabloid. His Dad is being all embarrassed and stuff. Maybe his Dad should have given him lessons on sneaking about and doing stuff he shouldn’t be? Just a thought.

The Army aren’t pleased. Good grief they have their reputation to consider, unlike the Royals. Mind you, whilst the top brass are ticked the rank and file have come up with best reaction and response. They have posted pics on Twitter and on the Internet generally, in various states of undress. Excellent! The lady soldiers have also joined in! No actual bits are visible from the pics Mrs TT showed me. Thank goodness for that, I’d have been embarrassed and shocked otherwise. Mrs TT is in full charge of keeping up with these sort of topics via the Daily Mail and bringing the most interesting to my attention of an evening.

Back to Harry who looked like a Dick whilst carrying on like a Tom. Good luck to him. He has the money, some of which we gave him and he is a sleb, which means he has to make a video or have pics taken whilst exercising his libido. It’s the rule, think Hilton, think Tulisa, etc. etc. He’s ticked the box on that one, probably several times over.

I’ve been to Vegas a few times on business, well to Comdex the huge computer industry show, which is defunct now. I got carried away once when I was there. Be prepared to be shocked.

I went down to one of the gambling halls and bought a $10 cup of quarters. I then went to play the one arm bandits. My money went down then it went up to over $15. Oh the excitement of it! Then it started to go down again. When it reached $10 dollars I cashed it in and went back to my room. Way, way, way too much excitement for one evening!

No one took pics though, which is how it should be.



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