Yeo ho ho and a Deben chum.

30 Aug

There’s been a bit of a discussion in the press with regards to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change Chairman Tim Yeo and to the potential confirmation (having been nominated by Call me Dave) of Lord Deben AKA John Selmer Gummer as the Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change an independent committee with members who provide independent advice to the government to help tackling and preparing for Climate Change

However, both Mr Yeo and Lord Deben may not be as independent as per the definition of “independent” as is recorded in any reasonable dictionary. They both have wide interests in businesses and\or projects, which rely on government decisions on whether they should be funded, or not.

You may wish to check out the facts by visiting this article written by Christopher Booker writing in last Sundays Telegraph or James Delingpole in today’s Telegraph. (No I don’t take the Telegraph but these two columnists are entertaining as well as stating how they see things).

Whilst Lord Deben has not yet been appointed there is every likelihood that he will be and should Mr Yeo remain as Chairman of the parliamentary committee? It seems pretty strange that men with vested interests could be in a position to push those interests, which may have a positive financial impact on them and their families lives allegedly.

In government, or coalition if you prefer, Mr Camerons father-in-law makes substantial amounts of money from windmills which are situated on his land.

It’s interesting that Tim Yeo was challenging David Cameron to start moving ahead with a new runway for Heathrow. The environmentalists will be very pleased about that. It will give them a great excuse to skip school, get out the wellies and set up a camp to demonstrate against the runway.

Remember that this is the same Tim Yeo who is Chairman of the Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. Is is he saying that more flights will not increase CO2 levels, which is the major driver of climate change according to the warmists? Good grief. Just where does he stand on all of this?

Are we expecting too much from our politicians?  Is it too much to ask that they do the job they were elected to do and do not use the knowledge and connections they make through their Westminster work to make more money?

Is it right that people with vested interests should be chairing committees, which may benefit them?

Given what we know about their interests is there any likelihood that they will leave the room and take no part or do not mention their views to their fellow committee members when topics, which may impact them positively financially, are being discussed?

Is this the way to run government?

Just a small aside.

Do you think it’s likely that Mr Selwyn Gummers daughter has taken him to task about her being made to eat a beef burger on the evening news one night? She was “encouraged” to eat it to prove that there was no possibility that people could get CJD by eating meat. If the meat is safe enough for his daughter it will be safe enough for everyone? What sort of man would do that to his daughter?

If she hasn’t taken him to task yet could it be televised when she does please?


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