Grayson Perry, need I say more?

31 Aug

You may have heard of Grayson Perry, seen him on the Rob Brydon Show last week or caught his exhibition at the British Museum amongst other places.

He is an unabashed transvestite, choosing to dress in his own version of womens clothes, as the fancy takes him, whilst also having a wife and a daughter. His art is sought after and commands significant prices in the art world. He mostly does ceramics, which can be quite entertaining and enjoyable as shown on the Saatchi Gallery website (if you are in Chelsea it’s worth strolling around the gallery, which is free, regardless of who is being shown, it’s just off Sloane Square with easy bus and tube access).

I can’t say I mind too much how people dress. I much prefer people to wear what they want rather than what they think they should wear or what they are told to wear. Alas, conformity is probably still the norm although it depends to what and with whom you conform with right enough. Wearing Union Flag attire at the moment is very popular because of the limpics and the plimpics and I don’t see myself indulging in that either now or in the future although I hope those who do enjoy the experience, such as it is anyway.

Football and rugby fans, punks, emos, crusties, mods, rockers, grunge, hippies bikers etc. etc. All uniforms, which identify people as, being from a certain, shared value, shared opinion, shared motivation sort of clan/group/ movement. We’ve probably all been there one-way or another. Go to the golf club and there’s a way you have to dress. Go to church and it’s the same thing but maybe less so in recent years. Going to work even. We all conform to something.

Grayson lists one of his influences as Boy George who certainly went out of his way to be different. I well remember seeing Boy George on Top of the Pops and not knowing whether it was a boy or a girl I was watching. The name sort of gives it away right enough – BOY George! Doh!!!!

Grayson is not alone in his enjoyment of wearing women’s clothes of course, apart from the millions of women worldwide who wear women’s clothes on a daily basis, there are other chaps who are also transvestites such as Eddie Izzard who is a very funny man indeed. He just wears what he thinks is fine depending on his mood etc.

Let us all just be ourselves. Throw discretion to the wind! Dress as you feel you want too as the mood and fancy takes you! Go on you know you want to.

I’ll join in as soon as everyone else has. Honest. Well maybe. Or maybe not.

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