No fracking gas yet?

31 Aug

In the USA franking has been used to great benefit. The cost of energy has dropped by 40%. Isn’t that great! How does that compare to the UK? Our cost of energy is going to go up by around 12%. There’s something wrong in the state of Denmark,well the UK actually.

In the UK lots of environmentalists are up in arms about fracking. It’s dangerous. It causes earthquakes. It causes pollution. None of these things actually happen though so why would they want it stopped?

It’s bound to be because of CO2 emissions then. Well no because using this gas has actually contributed to a drop in CO2 emissions in the USA. Not that CO2 has any part to play in anything anyway.

How about lower energy costs saving lives? More people die because of the cold rather than heat. It’s Mainly old people who can’t afford to heat their homes properly who die. Is this what the people who don’t want fracking to go ahead want? How many people would die because of fracking activities even if there were any serious problems in doing so?

Do they protest on the basis that fracking isn’t sustainable? It would reduce CO2 emissions, which is a good thing as far as they are concerned. There are huge reserves, which will last for decades at least. That would buy more time for them to make their windmills and other green energy power sources work would it not? They might even be able to make them efficient and not need conventional power station back up for the days it’s not windy enough or it’s too windy or they are being serviced or they have broken.

Fracking is a no brainier. It would also help our economy by reducing the cost of energy to business, which would be passed on in part to consumers here and overseas. That might get our economy up and running again. People would get jobs, make money and enjoy a better life. Maybe they’d go on holiday. Maybe they’d invest in green energy. Maybe they’d give more to charities.

Come on Dave, time to grab the potential of fracking and get it going and delivering before next winter. Tim asks if you are a man or a mouse, well what are you?

If you’re a man you’ll get fracking moving pronto. If you are a mouse you’ll end up as a small foot note in history and I get the feeling that you wouldn’t like that, you wouldn’t like that one little bit.


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