Did he say Moron or was it Mormon?

01 Sep

Mitt Romney managed to complete his address to the GOP faithful despite the weather being rather less than helpful. This used to be a feature of Al Gores life. If Al was going to deliver a speech, no matter where it was, the weather was always foul, cold and wet/hail/snow. It was pretty entertaining actually.

There he was shouting about global warming or it’s alternative and more accurate name Gore Bull Warming and outside it was cold. I’m sure his audience would have been quite happy with a good old blast of global warming. He was also big on telling us that the ice would melt and sea levels would rise incredibly and it would be all our own fault because we drive big cars, fly in planes and forget to switch the light off.

Whilst telling us this he was buying a huge expensive house on the waterfront, flying everywhere in his personal jet and being driven everywhere in limos. Nice that.  He was offsetting all this travel and oil usage by buying carbon credits, which don’t actually reduce CO2 emissions, they just slosh money around like a huge ponzie scheme with Al making very sure he isn’t exposed when the music stops.

Anyway, back to Mitt Romney. He mentioned that he was Mormon (I must have been mistaken, it definitely wasn’t moron although time well tell as it were).

Lefties who support Obama have leapt on this, as have the BBC, well same thing really. Apparently Mormons are racist and can marry as many wives as they want. Many, many years ago there may have been issues related to race with the Mormons but not for a very long time. They don’t do multiple marriages either which comes to us all as no surprise. I mean more than one wife? Think of the cost, the arguments about the rota for who does what. Then there’s the increased numbers of bairns? Having to buy a people carrier or a mini-bus to go for a family day out or to the shops. And Christmas Day…

What if the multiple wives and bairns wanted to go see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo? You’d be bankrupt and generally tired all the time having to spread yourself thin so no one gets left out of your affections and stuff. Doesn’t sound like fun. No smirking at the back please.

Luckily, it turns out that the Mormons don’t do multiple wives anymore (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Phew

The BBC isn’t convinced obviously. These strange religions are dangerous. All sorts of things happen. Well, they go to church for a start. They sing the odd hymn and say a prayer or three. Goodness what next? Drinking tea and eating wee sandwiches in the Church Hall after the service?  It’s the end of the world I tell you.

They also turn up on your doorstep in pairs and ask you hard questions about religion, they call it “witnessing” although you can try to get them to talk about subjects they shouldn’t which can be fun. It’s better than the telly of an evening but don’t let them in! If you do, they’ll just go all quiet on you and stare intently at the TV regardless of what’s on. If you do invite them in make sure it’s during an episode of Embarrassing Bodies. Given the type of “witnessing” they’ll be exposed to with that on the TV they won’t hang about long.

Mitt may well not be the brightest button in the box. He may not be the best man for the job but he will at least try to put back some of America in America. Whilst there are clear divisions and imbalances within the USA are they any better or worse than in the UK or France of Germany?


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