They’re not moving… what will call me Dave do?

03 Sep

Just last week we had Call me Dave being asked if he was man or a mouse. Now he really has the chance to prove which one he really is.

A cabinet re-shuffle is in the offing and initial soundings with some of the likely candidates have resulted in, shall we say, conflicting views. Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, who is a bit long in the tooth now isn’t keen to lose his position. Jeremy Hunt, the Culture and Sport Minister also doesn’t want to lose his position although his handling of the BKyB potential take over was embarrassing, Baroness Warsi isn’t keen to give up her position as the Party chairperson and Justine Greening, the Transport Minister is similarly keen to hold on to her job which we will return to in a moment.

Lastly but never least is Vince Cable, the man who claims he saw the credit crunch approach although he kept it to himself and them spouted all manner of opinions about what should have been done to avoid it and what should be done to reduce the impact. He will only move from his current position as Business Secretary if he is made Chancellor of the Exchequer, according to himself. Good grief. So Call me Dave is to sack his pal in order to promote Vince who has done little to promote business in the UK so it can perform better and help get out of this appalling recession?

There is a way that Call me Dave can sort this out. Firstly start with Justine, she was on the TV news a week or so ago saying that if the third runway for Heathrow was to be given the go ahead by Call me Dave it would make her position in cabinet untenable. So Dave do it. She’s gone by her own volition.

You might want to remind dear Jeremy that he got away with the BSkyB shambles but he is tainted of course. I’m sure a short time on the backbenches will let things settle down, but of course, he wouldn’t be coming back would he?

Baroness Warsi, hasn’t a leg to stand on. She demonstrates that as a minimum her allegedly confused expenses claims bringing shame and/or embarrassment to the Conservative Party.

Ken Clarke is a dinosaur now. He was entertaining a few years ago and he’s a petrol head but he is way past his sell by date. He is a grandee of sorts and he just loves the EU. He must go.

Call me Dave doesn’t have a choice. They all have to go. Call me Dave has to stand up and take charge. Will he? If he doesn’t he will lose what little authority he has left. The coalition will stumble on, maybe. Stuck in power due to their own greed to hold onto power by passing a law to top them being displaced before 2015.

It’s all a bit of a mess Dave, is it not?

Show them you mean business. Promote people who are right for the job, people who will do the job. Not people who will help politically or who will tick a quota box.

I bet you don’t. I bet you it’s down hill from here Dave.


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