X Factor looks back in time.

04 Sep

Last Saturday the auditions came mostly from Glasgow; patchy but interesting to a degree.

This weeks winning theme seemed to be classic rock and legends from the two most outstanding auditions. Yes there was a chap with a guitar who also went though to boot camp (is it so called because if you’re not up to it you’re booted out!) who goes down the same route as others previously heading in a boot camp direction. The self-composers and musicians still look like the best way to stand out this year and just what Simon wants according to my theory anyway.

The first to quickly blaze an unusual path was Joseph Whelan who did a very creditable version of a “Whole Lotta love” by Led Zeppelin. Interesting as it was, it did post a reasonable message saying that there is probably room in the current music scene for a good rock band and singer. Let’s hope. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s big rock voices were around although not always to the fore. Deep Purple, Rainbow, Free, Led Zeppelin, Def Leopard to name a few. More please?

Just to reinforce the message about great voices, which were popular in the past, we had a wee magic fairy pop on stage, completely misleading the judges before launching into a Janis Joplin song, which her voice completely suited. Once again there is probably room on the music scene for a voice like that as long as the song is good anyway. Covers won’t cut it but original songs would be very interesting.

It would seem that viewing figures are down and continue to fall as each episode passes. We are pretty short on music programmes these days and even one as naff as the X Factor is better than none. Apart from Jools Holland and various festivals being covered that’s it for “pop” anyway. There’s a bit of folk, which has become way more cutting edge and exciting over the past four or five years.

More music on TV! Now!


Bring back rock!

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