An Apple a day could be better this way…

06 Sep

Busy few days. Busy week actually so far at least. Had a big report to complete yesterday and its been done. Deliver it this morning. Start on next one, well at least the preliminaries. Not any time to blog this yesterday.

That being the case I thought I’d do a wee bit of a follow up with the IPod/IPad/IPhone thingy.

We’ve a fair idea what will be happening next week although there may be variations and surprises. The security was beginning to go a bit before Steve died and it’s accelerated a lot. Have you seen the image of the invites to thr reveal show next week? It’s got a 12 on the front with a light behind it and the shadow shows a 5. Now the wags at Apple could be just having a bit of fun but I don’t think their share price will stand for a lot of misdirection and joking. Lets wait and see, like we have any choice anyway?

I thought it might be interesting to think about what we’d like the Apple bods to improve on our Apple devices. I’ll start with the IPod since music is close to my heart. The main problem with IPods is that the quality of the sound isn’t that great. You can get around that by buying better quality headphones or ear buds and nothing this side of £100 is going to really hit the mark.

I use Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, which are around £200. They are light, easy to use and you can buy replacement buds and cables for them. The sound quality is really good. They’ve maybe just upgraded the Fi 10s to the 11s, both are stage monitor standard and are used by professionals and various musicians.

So any IPod range should have a model which provides a high end hi-fi experience from it’s built in amp and the earphones should be up there as well. I use the Generation 5 IPod because it had the best amp. I still felt it wasn’t good enough so I bought a custom headphone amp. It’s about the size of a packet of fags and runs of a battery. It takes the feed from the IPod from the big connector at the bottom rather than the earphones plug which is also of poor quality.

You can buy Headphone amps of various styles and quality either off the shelf or from people who will build you one, which you can have built to suit the music you listen to and how you prefer your levels; more bass or less or more middle or less etc. etc. I found a guy on Ebay who built mine. It’s truly wonderful and it also gets you around the new EU regs, which makes manufacturers set a maximum sound limit on their devices. Not that I’m trying to damage anyone’s hearing, you do what you want to.

Whilst Apple are busy making these changes could they also put in a much higher capacity hard disk. 250Gb or 500Gb would be good. Then I could save all my music on it using the best quality format to again enhance quality. Could they also go back to the Gen 5 style of case and produce lots of different coloured fronts like they do for the Shuffle and the Nano? Come on Johnny Ives.


All other devices should really have a good sound quality model in the range too. If you use your IPhone for calls, texts, Twitter, listening to music etc. the battery isn’t that great. It won’t last a full day so a better battery for IPhones should help.

The IPad needs more storage for files but not at the current prices. The more people who use their IPods the more people buy them and higher storage capacity at lower prices would result in more sales. It would also be good if Apple would work with Microsoft and develop a version of Office for the IPad. Sure Pages is available and I use it with Word but I’d like to do the same with Keynote. Editing PowerPoint stuff on the IPad would be very useful for me at least. I use PowerPoint for a lot of things beyond presentations. Keynote isn’t flexible enough.

In general could we maybe have a back key on Apple keyboards? I know Steve was allergic to them but a lot of us could use the functionality especially on the IPad. We are all used to having them on PCs. There’s no point in being different just to be different Apple.

How about positioning the USB ports etc., which are on the back of the IMac under a hidden flap, which faces to the front? It is such a fiddle having to move a 27” IMac so you can plug in a USB device. Okay I know that I’ve moved out of the handheld fun devices but when you get on a rant it’s best to run with it.

I’m sure you’ll have your own ideas of what improvements you’d like Apple to make to your Mac or Macs.

Be a devil, send me them and I’ll make up a list and send it to Apple. It might be fun.

Or not…


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