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06 Sep

I’m not altogether sure why I chose this particular name for this blog. Tedious Tantrums. Mostly kids but sometimes older, wiser and experienced adults indulge in the odd tantrum and when you come across them it’s a tedious spectacle. That isn’t me, well maybe Mrs TT is better placed to judge that. I’d say I’m more stoic. If I’d thought longer about the name I’d probably have gone for something which would include “rant” or one of its derivatives.

Maybe it’s an age thing. More mature people rant and perhaps younger people indulge in tantrums. Which brings me to the subject of this post “tantrums”.

Over the past few days I’ve notice three spectacular tantrums from people who should be old enough to know better, but they have a different support structure than lesser mortals like you and me. This means they can let go whenever they like and their “people” will take their side and placate them because they are “stars”. In these cases sporting celebrities mostly.

Step forward candidate number one, not because he’s the biggest, he just showed up on my timeline radar first. Jody Cundy a Team GB cyclist in the plimpics was in his sort of mechanical holding device, but then got his start a bit wrong, was disqualified and morphed into a two year old in front of a fairly large TV audience. His tantrum included bad words, gesturing and generally thrashing about loudly.

Slightly later we saw his parents being interviewed. Now Mums, in the main, are pretty supportive of their offspring although there are obviously exceptions but Jodys Mum was right by his metaphorical side. His life has been ruined. Tears. Despair. She didn’t say it was the end of the world as we know but it was almost implied.

I’ve little idea who this guy is but I do know he’s already won gold in the plimpics previously although it may have been for swimming rather than cycling. Whilst training for four years, winning gold was probably at the very front of his brain. Frustratingly stuff happens. Bad luck or circumstances. Winning is never a given.

He did apologise later but his fame or infamy will be based on his tantrum rather than his sporting prowess. Pity.

Next candidate, again from the plimpics, Oscar Pistorious, blade runner, considered a shoe in for a number of golds was beaten in the 200M final. He was interviewed almost as he crossed the line. Sweaty and out of breath a bit.

Flipped straight into tantrum mode. The other guy had an advantage! he used longer blades! It made him taller and gave him a longer stride! Unfair! A significant complaint to the governing body! He is trying his best though bless him.

He was assessed for which blades he would be able to use when running in the limpics but he had to use the same ones for the plimpics too. If he’d been assessed for just the plimpics he could have had longer blades, which is a bit odd is it not? Level playing fields and all that?

Anyway, he’s apologised too. He’s won a gold at another distance and might win another.

Last but not least we have Lewis Hamilton. Lewis has had a bit of a mixed season with the McLaren Formula One team. This week he was at Spa in Belgium, probably the best track in the world with his teammate Jenson Button, probably the best F1 driver on the grid.

The team brought a new rear wing and Jenson made it work really well, Lewis not so much. Lewis ditched the new wing and used the old one and ended up qualifying down the grid a bit. During all of this he tweets a picture of a graph showing how Jenson had driven around the track, there’s some technical detail there too.

The other teams think this is like Christmas. They can use the information to try to beat McLaren. Lewis is asked to delete the tweet, which he does. Too late. He’s supposed to be negotiating a new contract with McLaren for next year.

Now here is a guy who gets paid millions and when things don’t go right he has a tantrum. It might not be the usual shouty, screamy version but it’s a tantrum nonetheless. I’m not altogether sure if he’s apologised although he should.

Sport is adversarial and pressured. But it is sport. It might be dangerous, which Lewis experienced at the start of the race, the rules might not always lend themselves to the outcomes the competitors might have in mind but it is just sport.

There are harder things in life, which we all have to face up to. If people want to be professional sports men or women carry right on and do it. It’s not going to be one blinding ascent to world domination, there are going to be down days.

If they must have a tantrum then maybe, they should draw a breath and consider for a moment just how fortunate they are regardless of abilities or disabilities.

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