Alex reshuffles Nippy.

07 Sep

English Call me Dave shook up his cabinet and lo and behold on the same day Al did the same. Coincidence? Hmmm…

Alex’s big play was to gift Nippy Sturgeon a bigger, betterer and more splendiderer job. No more bed pans for Nippy. Bedside visits a thing of the past unless it’s for her “ain folk”.  The joy of it.

No Nippy is now going to look after the build up to the Independence vote. Surely that’s a chance to make a bigger name for herself? It could also be a poison chalice as in “Hey Nippy you messed up the independence vote”.

Brian “Nae Neck” Taylor seems to think it’s a splendid idea. He said so on the BBC Scottish News the other night. He may well get his jotters soon if he doesn’t toe the party line, which is – repeat after me – The Labour Party are great, The Labour Party are great. The Labour Party are great.

According to Brian, the SNP will get the legal powers they need to hold the referendum in the next few weeks Two things, firstly Scottish voters voted for the SNP who hold a majority mandate. Secondly, the Union is a based on a treaty. Treaties can be walked away from. Why all this legal guff?

Back to Nippy. All she has to do is to appear on TV and in the press etc. and spout the Independence case. It’s pretty unlikely that what she says will end up either being heard or being published. Vested interests are on hand to make sure the message is whispered although I’d guess the only whispering Nippy does is to her child and maybe on the pillow but we won’t go there. No in the head pictures please!

I think Nippy might actually do a good job. She could actually make a difference. She might swing it.

I’d like to know what sort of Independence the SNP are trying to win. Independence means standing alone, not having anyone telling you what to do or being of independent means… ah that’ll be the oil then.

Being in the EU won’t be independence. Being in NATO won’t be independence. Keeping Trident in Scotland because of American threats won’t be independence. Keeping the pound won’t be independence. Keeping Queenie or Will, Will nice but dim won’t be independence.

Independence will be just that. Not joining or keeping anything which means we still have to listen to someone telling us what to do or reminding us how crap we are (obviously we are not – so there).

Nippy also has business to look after too as in businesses who need to grow and do good stuff for Scotland. The other parties think this isn’t the right thing to do. Since when have they ever thought that anything at all is the right thing to do?

In the meantime could they do us a bit of a favour?

Gonnie stoap bangin thae expensive desks thae sit it.

It’s very childish and isn’t in keeping with the parliament of one of the best and most liked countries in the world. Grow up!

Mrs Crankie from Lie bore, Pat my Harvie from the Greens, Willy Runny from the Libdims and Ruthless Davidson of the Tories should get detention and have to make their pertry members tidy up their playground and pick up all the litter

They can all write out a billion times. I must not bang the desks, I must not bang the desks, ad finitum. With them busy we might even get some real stuff done.

How long will it be before Nippys hair gets way long, very ginger and curly and she takes to carrying a bow and arrow around with her. Still it’ll make a change from Al’s blue and white face paint.


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