Cheapest petrol in the area please.

08 Sep

If you need a demonstration of how duplicitous politicians can be then ask them about petrol prices. They will say they are too high, they will say the oil companies are greedy and they will say that whilst the prices are too high, it stops us destroying the planet.

The vehicles that government ministers have, run on the nectar of the gods and so have no cost, they do not contribute to oil company profits and have no emissions. Then they say things are going to change. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), a government department without a minister, is looking at things and those who are guilty of profiteering will be brought to book. They will be fined heavily and the money for the fines will of course be passed on to those buying fuel. The fines, once paid will go to government will will spend it wisely (see last two paragraphs for definition of spending wisely).

They will say all of this whilst smiling and being sincere. The truth of course is somewhat different. The largest beneficiary of high petrol prices is the government. Whatever price you are paying at the pumps is 63% fuel duty and VAT. What a nice little earner, except of course there is nothing little about it, the money raised from fuel purchases by the government in a year for fuel (petrol, diesel and LPG) is around £30 BILLION!!!!!!

So when will the OFT announce they are going to investigate profiteering on fuel by the government? Not any time soon that’s for sure. I fact never since they are the government.

Without tax petrol would be 48p per litre. You could almost say that a pound of the cost to you of each litre of fuel goes straight to the government.

Was there a whisper that our MPs might get clothing allowances or have to wear a uniform? If they were required to wear a uniform it would be dark trousers of choice, a black and white hooped top, and a wee black mask to cover the eyes. They would also be issued with a sack with swag printed on it and of course a crowbar would complete the full ensemble.

I noted today that the amount of expenses paid out to MPs last year was £90 Million. There are 650 of them and if you divide £90 MILLION by 650 you get £138,461.50 as an average claim. How can that be? This is only slightly less than when the MPs expenses rip off was in full swing.

All is not well in the state of Denmark then. It’s positively rotten to the core here in Team GB, that’s us ALL not just the nattily turned out limpic and plimpic athletes.

Perhaps there should be a limpics, plimpics and ylipics (Youth Olympics) for governments or a glimpics if you prefer. They could medal in events such as highest fuel tax, highest reduction target for CO2, highest expense claim for a year, the shortest time to return to government following being dismissed for fraud, etc. etc.

Add your own there are loads of suitable events and sadly a lot of which Team GB (politicians) would be able to win easily.


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