Energy saving light bulbs.

08 Sep

It’s a winters night. It’s dark outside. There’s a howling gale blowing and occasional sleet showers. October in Scotland.

It’s time for a cup of something hot so you step though to the kitchen and whack on the light. There’s an almost but not really noticeable change in the level of light in the kitchen. It’s takes a wee while for the light to be reasonable although never bright enough to really see properly.

This is the tedium that is energy saving bulbs.

A quick straw pole on the One Show the other night suggested that most of the people present thought the new bulbs were just crap. There was nothing wrong with the incandescent ones. Luckily they had an expert on hand to help explain the reasons behind using them and show these people the error of their ways.

The old style bulbs created too much heat whilst they lit up our rooms. They used up more energy than they should have and they were destroying the planet. Imagine that. Tiny wee bulbs that have that much power. Terrifying.

The heat they created was reflected off the ceiling and generally helped with the temperature in the room did it not? This was a reasonable way of older people getting some more heat at low cost.

But the new bulbs also last much longer than the old ones. They also cost a lot more money. Trade off required?

But what happens when an energy saving light bulb breaks? Well, even the BBC has been concerned about that. The expert on the One Show just swerved that completely. Let’s not let a health and safety issue get in the way of a good rant about global warming/climate change.

The BBC say there is a problem. Something must be done. The government should get a warning put on the side of the energy saving light bulbs boxes. There’s mercury in those bulbs. You don’t want to be inhaling that or touching it. There was Mercury in Queen, the rock band too you know. I’m pretty sure that not a lot of people inhaled it but maybe a lot of people touched it.

The views of the people on the One Show didn’t change at all. They are all going to rush out and buy some of the old type of bulbs, which you can still do if they are for industrial use.

The BBC were also going on about small children eating those wee pouches of clothes washing liquid or dishwasher liquid. A lady Doctor from Glasgow said something had to be done. Children were in danger. The packaging should be made child proof.  5 kids in the past 18 months had had a go at ingesting the liquid. Something must be done. Some one will die!

Yes something must be done. Parents should be keeping a better eye on their bairns/weans for a start. Simple. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t need a politician to do anything unless it’s their own bairns/weans anyway and isn’t that what nannies are for? Put childproof locks on cupboards, Store the stuff where the bairn/wean can’t reach it.

Why are Doctors so keen to come on telly and rant about stuff being dangerous. They have to clean up the mess? It’s their job is it not? Just get on with your job. Please.

And Doctors should also bear in mind, when they are out on a bender with their mates, that they shouldn’t drink too much, shouldn’t experiment with drugs, shouldn’t fall down in the street, shouldn’t end up in casualty and shouldn’t get into arguments with fellow doctors or random members of the public.

Goannie gie us peace?

Probably not, unfortunately.

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